Consumers, Mobility and Sales Trends, October 29

In Costa Rica, the number of people visiting commercial establishments, restaurants and entertainment venues has been rising in recent months, but consumption levels are still low, due to unemployment and limited income.

Economic Reopening: What is the Consumer's Behavior?

Shopping Centers: Unemployment Rate Concerns


Online Shopping Intention: What's Going on in Honduras?

CentralAmericaData.COM, October 29

Between July and October of this year, the number of consumers in the Honduran market who were trying to buy a decorative living room table online increased by 87%, and the number of people looking to buy a house decreased by 25%.

How do Purchasing Intentions Vary in Guatemala?

How is the Intention to Buy Online evolving?

El Salvador: $200 Million for Educational Infrastructure

CentralAmericaData.COM, October 29

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration approved a credit line for the Salvadoran government to reconstruct, remodel and technologically equip 186 schools nationwide.

Honduras: $80 Million for Educational Infrastructure

Construction: $220 Million for Educational Centers

$44 Million in Road Works Awarded

CentralAmericaData.COM, October 29

In Panama, the consortium made up of Constructora Urbana S.A. and Toronto Global Holdings Corp. was awarded the contract to design, build and finance the interconnection of the Cinta Costera 3 with the Calzada de Amador.

Two Bids for $50 Million Road Works

Which Companies Built Public Infrastructure in 2019?


Home Furniture: Interest in the Region Rising

CentralAmericaData.COM, October 29

When the first cases of covid-19 were recorded in Central America, interest in this type of furniture collapsed, but, since April, the number of Internet searches and digital interactions associated with the topic began to grow in all countries.

Growing Interest in Alcoholic Beverages

Formal Clothing: Incipient Recovery in Demand

Customs Construction: Advances in Costa Rica

CentralAmericaData.COM, October 29

After the contract was signed for the designs of the Penas Blancas and Tablillas border control posts, it is expected that in July 2021 the international bidding process for the construction of these enclosures can be initiated.

Peripheral Customs Begin to Operate

New Customs Post Guatemala - Mexico


Consumer Electronics: Business Potential in the Region

CentralAmericaData.COM, October 28

The I Shop, which is located in San Salvador's Multiplaza shopping center, has a potential market of 380,000 consumers 15 minutes away by car, and 39% of them are interested in tablets, and 14% in desktop computers.

Pets: Potential Market in Central America

Convenience Stores: Where is the Best Location?

Seafood and Changes in Consumption, October 28

Because in today's business reality many people prefer to spend more time at home and cook their own food, the demand for easy-to-prepare processed seafood has grown.

Consumer Habits: Growing Interest in Seafood

Fishing Sector: Opportunities for the Region

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