New Normal: What Foods Have Potential?, May 28

Foods whose properties and benefits are well defined, and are produced by companies with sustainable practices, have the greatest potential to gain ground in a market that has been rapidly transformed.

E-commerce, Logistics and Happy Customers

Restaurants, Health Crisis and the Paradigm Shift


Transforming the Nicaraguan consumer

CentralAmericaData.COM, May 28

The outbreak of covid-19 generated strong changes in the dynamics of the markets in the region, and in this context, in Nicaragua consumers have decreased by 16% their visits to supermarkets and have increased their interest in e-commerce services.

Latest Changes in Consumers

X-Ray of Honduran Consumer

Restaurants: New Protocols in Guatemala, May 28

Closing children's play areas, placing glass in predetermined places and using disposable tableware and cutlery are some of the new health and safety protocols that restaurants must apply when faced with a change in business.

Food: Outlook for the Salvadoran Market

Hotels: New Standards in Costa Rica


Tender for Air Conditioning Equipment

CentralAmericaData.COM, May 28

Costa Rica's National Learning Institute is tendering for the supply of 56 air-conditioning units of different types.

Tender: Air Conditioning Equipment Maintenance

$2 Million in Air Conditioning Equipment


Kitchen Appliances and Interest Levels

CentralAmericaData.COM, May 28

In recent weeks, interest in kitchen appliances in the region's markets has increased, with Honduras and Guatemala recording the largest increases in interactions on the subject.

How do People in Central America Get Informed?

Latest Changes in Consumers

Electronic Tagging: First company authorized, May 28

In Guatemala, the Superintendence of Tax Administration authorized Corporación Disatel S.A. to provide the service of electronic tags for the control of containers in the country.

Electronic Tax Stamps about to Operate

New Version of Digital Export Platform


Geomarketing and Decision Making

CentralAmericaData.COM, May 27

Knowing the interests of potential customers and their location, their spending capacity and their ages, is fundamental to making decisions such as where to open a new sales point, or to define how to reach certain types of customers.

Costa Rica: Where Are and How to Reach Consumers?

Sales Points and Captive Markets

Regional Trade: Panama Applies Reciprocal Measures

CentralAmericaData.COM, May 27

After Costa Rica imposed several restrictions on the movement of cargo entering its territory, the Panamanian government limited the permit for Costa Rican carriers to remain in the country to 72 hours.

Cargo Transport: Honduras Replies to Costa Rica

Cargo Transport: Requirements to Enter Costa Rica

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