Retail, Behavior Change and Hybrid Systems, September 21

Merging E-commerce models and face-to-face sales, through the implementation of apps that allow shopping in a physical store without going through the checkout line or selecting a fitting room from a cell phone, are the challenges for companies in the new reality.

E-Commerce Boom = Business Culture Changes

Sales: New Normal, New Channels


More People Seek Credit Cards

CentralAmericaData.COM, September 21

In the last few months, interest in credit cards has been increasing in the digital environment, a rise that is mainly explained by the behavior of consumers in Panama, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

Consumer Habits: Growing Interest in Seafood

Household Appliances: Consumer Interests

Used Cars: Demand in the New Reality, September 21

During the first seven months of the year, 26,188 vehicles were imported to El Salvador, of which 18% were new units and 82% were used. Second-hand cars are still in demand in this new business scenario.

Vehicles: Urgent Opening of Sales Channels

Vehicles: New Reality, New Strategies


$5 Million in Construction for Aquatic Center

CentralAmericaData.COM, September 21

The Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation tenders the design, construction and start up of the Aquatic Center Maria del Milagro Paris Coronado, of the Metropolitan Park La Savannah.

Tourism Investments Announced

Tender: $10 million Sports Infrastructure


Central America Buys More Turkish Cement

CentralAmericaData.COM, September 21

During the first quarter of 2020, Central American companies imported hydraulic cement for $48 million, and purchases from Turkey increased 154% compared to the same period in 2019.

Vaccines: Panamanian Market Boosts Purchases

Cement: Regional Purchases up 21%


$4 Million in Water Distribution Service

CentralAmericaData.COM, September 21

The Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados de Panamá has invited tenders for a four-month period for the transportation, distribution and supply of drinking water through tanker trucks for the areas of East Panama, Darien, Tocumen, Chilibre, Colon and Arraijan.

Tender for $4 Million in Drinking Water Distribution

Tender for Truck Rental in Costa Rica

More Taxes, Again the Easy Way

CentralAmericaData.COM, September 18

In order to access the $1.75 billion credit requested from the IMF, the Costa Rican government proposes to tax financial transactions, increase the tax on the profits of companies and individuals, and increase the tax on real estate.

Taxes and the Stock Market

Costa Rica and the New Tax Plans


Consumer Habits: Growing Interest in Seafood

CentralAmericaData.COM, September 18

Since March, when the first cases of covid-19 were detected and consumption patterns began to change, interest in seafood rebounded in all markets in the region and by the end of August the volume of interactions associated with the issue continued to rise.

How has the Dominican Consumer changed?

Weight Loss Products Gain Ground

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