CentralAmericaData.COM is...

Daily news briefs in English and in Spanish

Every day our highly trained staff picks the most relevant news from Central America, the essentials you need to know to help make the best business decisions.

Up to date market prices, finance and economic data

We provide the most important economic and financial indicators from the region and the world, updated in real time.

Analysis and opinion articles

Stay in touch with latest business and political opinions in the region to help you plan and design successful business strategies.


Your source to business opportunities. Marketplace is where companies may buy or sell services and products. As a starting point, we provide a daily updated list of purchases being made by governments of all the countries in the region.

CentralAmericaData EXPRESS

Receive our daily email newsletter with the most relevant regional news and data, in English and in Spanish. It is punctually delivered to your inbox at the end of every business day.

Contextual information

We've developed cutting edge software that automatically lists and links related articles alongside each other to help you get the whole picture on all topics.

Useful tools for today's business executives

  • Track market and economic trends with our interactive charts
  • Easy to use currency converter with updated exchange rates
  • Real time flight status, searchable by route, airport or flight
  • Weather: current and forecast conditions for the capital cities of the region
  • Search: easily find the information you need in our extensive database

Unique audience

CentralAmericaData.COM users are business people from large national, regional or multinational corporations. They all share interests in the Central America as a "sole economy". They are well-paid decision makers. Our users are the ones that are turning the individual countries of Central America into one single, integrated, prosperous economic block.

Intelligent advertising

Using cutting edge technology, we deliver ads in line with the content being shown that also reflect the preferences of the individual reader. This way, we provide high value and appealing advertising, maximizing results for advertisers and improving the browsing experience for users.

Technology and Imagination

We employ world-class technology to build rich and unique browsing experiences, and imagination to constantly improve our state of the art information delivery platform. We provide the best business, finance and economic data to the business people of Central America.

We are a group of bilingual professionals, highly specialized in finance, banking and business management, as well as advanced Internet applications; with the experience to help your company achieve the highest return on investment, whether it is advertising for a specific country or for the Central America region as a whole.

The content of the website defines its audience

CentralAmericaData.COM is the only bilingual website that caters to the business community of Central America, with a regional approach. Our users are interested in business information, economics and finance, and they come both from the countries of the Central America and other countries with interests in doing business in the region.

The website and the daily news summaries emailed in both languages are a source of reference and information for the corporate decision takers that see the Central America as a sole region, and the tools offered in the site are always useful and attractive to its visitors.

CentralAmericaData.COM audience is flooded every day with vast amounts of information through different channels, so they appreciate having a web medium that selects and provides the Central American information that is relevant in terms of doing business, economics and finance.

User Profile

CentralAmericaData.COM users are individuals of "high" and "medium-high" socioeconomic and academic level (A, B, C1), intensive users of Internet as a tool for their professional and business tasks, with high income level and decision making capabilities.

Vertiginous growth

CentralAmericaData.COM has already reached the 40.000 users per month, and it has more than 100.000 monthly page views.


All advertising in CentralAmericaData.COM is selected and published in the optimal context, in the same way as the informational content, thus the advertising becomes relevant information to the user, achieving the best advertising impact.


The final price of advertising in CentralAmericaData.COM may vary significantly depending on factors such as the lenght of the contract, specific ad positions and sizes, and on which sections the ads are to be shown.
Contact us for a detailed quote.

Maximum impact design

In CentralAmericaData.COM, we have a team of designers and marketers that is ready and willing to help you in the creation, design and implementation of state of the art web campaigns, to achieve the best return over investment. We use the latest technology and concepts, in animations, videos, rollovers, splash ads, and any ad format conceivable.

We are at your service to assist you and contribute in optimizing your communication with your clients.

CentralAmericaData EXPRESS

The most awaited newsletter of each day, CentralAmericaEXPRESS arrives every day in the inbox of the regional executives and businesspeople, with the only Central American business news summary and the most important economic and financial figures. It is a document designed to inform in a direct, fast and easy way. As the website, it is available both in English and in Spanish.

The best business gift

CentralAmericaData EXPRESS is also the best way to add value to the communication of companies and institutions with their clients or associates. With those companies or institutions that agree to it, the newsletter is sent with the logo of them, and a customized message, in the preferred language of the sender, and without third party advertising.

The best way to increase fidelity is to deliver useful and unobtrusive information.

Impact measured with precision

Through the analysis of who and how many read CentralAmericaData EXPRESS, as well as the types of articles and data users read through the newsletter, we measure the exact advertising impact, and get a better understanding of the interests of the users.

Contact us for this and other ways in which we can contribute to improve the communication between you and your clients or associates.

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