Real Estate Market: Interest in Commercial Investments Increases

At the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak in most of the region's real estate markets, interest in commercial investments decreased, but in recent weeks the decline stopped and in some countries increases are already being reported.

Through a system that monitors changes in consumer interests and preferences in Central American countries in real time, developed by CentralAmericaData, it is possible to project short and long term demand trends for the different products, sectors and markets operating in the region.

The figures for the Salvadoran market detail that in the long-term trend, the issue of commercial real estate investment, reported a decline between February 2 and 23, but from March 1 interactions on the Internet began to increase.

In Costa Rica since mid-February 2020, the decline in interest in commercial real estate investment has been reflected in the short-term trend. However, its negative behavior was interrupted on April 12 and until the beginning of June the upward trend continues.

In the Guatemalan market, it is reported that the long-term trend has maintained an upward behavior, but the short-term trend has been downward since March 8, 2020 and stopped its negative variations on April 12. From 19 April to early June, there are upward interactions.

In the case of the Panamanian market, the short term trend states that as of March 15, interactions in the digital environment began to decrease. As with other markets in the region, interest in the subject has begun to rise in Panama since 10 May.
In the Honduran market, the interactive system states that in the digital environment, from April 5 to May 10, interactions associated with real estate investments in the commercial sector fell, but since May 17, an incipient rise has been registered.

This tool for monitoring the interests of consumers in any country in the region allows companies to project demand trends and anticipate the changes that will occur in the various sectors and categories of products and services. This information system allows for weekly tracking of any product or category, resulting in an extremely valuable input for making business decisions in the new commercial reality.

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