$ 15.5 Million for Works at Santo Tomás de Castilla Port

The Santo Tomas de Castilla National Port Company in Guatemala will make the investment to strengthen two berths.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The works will increase capacity of the berths to withstand cranes of over 400 tons, according to Estuardo Vargas, general manager of the port.

Prensalibre.com added some additional comments from Vargas, "The investment will avoid having ships waiting at the bay and increase the number of ships per year, because, due to lack of space, several have gone to other ports; our marketing department is currently negotiating with shipping companies to bring back those ships, some have been confirmed for the next several years, considering works will end in October."

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Guatemalan Ports Bid to Become More Competitive

July 2010

The ports of Quetzal in the Pacific and Santo Tomás de Castilla in the Atlantic will improve their facilities by 2012.

According to information provided by the Central American Commission for Maritime Transport (Cocatram), there will be four new terminals in Santo Tomás de Castilla by this date as well as more industrial parks. The works will generate three thousand new jobs.

Port of Santo Tomás Expansion Ongoing

July 2009

Spanish consortium "Iomm Hitma, Bilbao Plaza Marítima", presented a study on the enlargement of Guatemalan port Santo Tomás.

The study is being analyzed by the port's board of directors, and foresees extending the container terminal, the solid and liquid bulk terminals, and the construction of a new logistic center of operations.

Cruise Port Project Canceled

July 2009

Carnival canceled a $40 million project for building a cruise terminal in the Guatemalan port of Tomás de Castilla.

Lack of agreement between owners of the land to be used for the construction, and Carnival Corporation, is hinted as the main reason for this cancellation.

Spanish companies to study expansion of Guatemalan port

July 2008

A Spanish consortium has been chosen to do the feasibility study for an increase in capacity of the port of Santo Tomás de Castilla on Guatemala's Atlantic coast.

The consortium consists of Ingeniería Idom Internacional, Bilbao Plaza Marítima and Grupo Hidtma.
The companies chosen are experts in civil engineering, feasibility studies and port master plans, said Estuardo Vargas, general manager of the Santo Tomás de Castilla port.