Yes to the Container Port

President Varela has vetoed the bill that repealed the concession contract to build and operate a container terminal in Rodman, which had been awarded to PSA Panama International Terminal.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The bill approved by the National Assembly in mid-April contained an article that repealed the concession contract with PSA Panama International Terminal, approved more than three years agoAt the time, the decision of the deputies was strongly criticized by the Panamanian business sector, which described it as a threat to legal security. reports that "... The presidential veto is based on the fact that, through the concession, some $350 million will be collected in taxes, plus some $27 million in fees, use and wharfage. In adddition, it generates employment, financial and tax resources contemplated and integrated into the General Budget of the State."

Regarding the deputies' intention to include a topic related to a port concession within a bill referring to other issues, "... President also recalled that there is a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice that deals with matters totally alien to the original project that is being discussed by constitutional requirement, that this foreign matter must have received a first legislative debate in order to be a Law of the Republic."

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Panama: Expansion of Port Terminal in Colon

January 2017

The proposal is to extend by 20 years the concession of the container terminal at Puerto Coco Solo to Colon Container Company, which plans to invest $90 million in its expansion.

From a statement issued by the Presidency of Panama:

A bill, which seeks to grant an extension for 20 years to the contract for the development of Container Terminal in the Port of Coco Solo Norte, province of Colon, was presented today by the Minister of the Presidency, Alvaro Alemán to the National Assembly.

Guatemala: Direct Concession for Puerto Quetzal

November 2016

A bill proposed by the executive branch proposes granting a direct concession for the operation of the Quetzal Container Terminal.

From a statement issued by the Congress of Guatemala:

The executive through the Secretary General of the Presidency, Rodrigo Colmenares presented to Congress a bill that seeks to grant the Container Terminal at Quetzal (TCQ) in concession, in a direct form.

Panama: Law on Free Parking

September 2015

With opposition from the business sector and partially vetoed by President Varela, the Assembly has approved the law granting the right to free parking in shopping centers.

Now it will be the Supreme Court which decides whether the controversial law adopted in January and subsequently vetoed in two articles by President Varela, is not unconstitutional.

Panama Endorses Container Port Concession

January 2015

The National Assembly has approved a 20 year concession contract signed with PSA Panama International, to build and operate a container terminal with an investment of $350 million.

From a statement issued by the National Assembly of Panama:

Approval was given on the third reading to Bill 122, which approves a contract between the state and the company PSA Panama International Terminal, SA, for the handling and transporting of containers.