Work Resumes on Mining Project

After several days of negotiation, Cobre Panama company has reached an agreement with the construction workers' union, and they will be able to resume construction work on the project.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Protests by workers at the Cobre Panama project in Colón held since the beginning of the year have kept work on the power line and the 300 MW thermoelectric plant paralyzed for almost three months.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Labor: 

March 20, 2018. From early hours of last Sunday, the National Union of Workers of the Construction Industry and Similar (SUNTRACS) and the company FQM Construcción y Desarrollo S.A., held intense negotiations with the mediation of the Ministries of Labor, Trade and Security, managing to reach an agreement on Tuesday, March 20, which ends the labor dispute in the Panama Copper Project.

With the signing of this agreement containing 15 clauses, THE COMPANY and the TRADE UNION, are committed to guaranteeing labor peace in order to finish the work in time. It will also allow the Cobre Panama Company to resume work in a prudent period of time that facilitates the organized entry of the various employee rotation groups and also guarantees the free exercise of the right to freedom of association by the various unions that represent the workers of the company.   

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