Why Are Intangible Assets So Important?

A company's knowledge, brand, culture and reputation are just as valuable as its material assets.

Friday, April 15, 2011

One of the challenges companies face in today's competitive world has to do with how to quantify and value the assets they possess, but that often pass unnoticed because they cannot be measured in any conventional way.

Gustavo Manrique Sala for Prensa.com comments that, "consultants, academics and professionals all agree that in the coming years those companies whose business strategies incorporate the development of their intangible assets as a critical factor in achieving success".

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The Growing Importance of Brandnames

November 2013

Globalization increases the need to protect the brand names of products which have become an increasingly valuable asset allowing effective communication with customers.

"One of the characteristics of brand names is to be something distinctive, a vehicle of communication between the seller and the consumer, which can become a very valuable asset," says Bernal Molina, from the Industrial Property Department at the National Registry Office.

Management of Intangibles

October 2012

Companies are placing increasing emphasis on the value of their intellectual property, so it is necessary to design the right strategy to protect it.

The first recommendation in an article by Paola Castro Montealegre in Elfinancierocr.com, stresses how important it is that "intellectual property must be protected at the start of the business and not at the stage of the final product, which is often when we care about our protection, regardless of the fact that products or creations have probably been known about by several people and are potentially vulnerable, and we might even have intellectual property assets already on the market and positioned, without it being possible to protect them, because it hadn’t been thought about from this perspective. '

A "Premium" for Legal Stability?

October 2012

A draft bill submitted for consultation to employers by the government of El Salvador, proposes a charge of 0.5% on the assets of foreign investors.

An article in Elsalvador.com reports that "The Government plans to charge a "premium" of 0.5% on total investment assets to entrepreneurs who arrive in the country attracted by the newly proposed law on legal stability, according to a draft by the Secretariat sent to the Chairman of the National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP) a few months ago.

Panama: Global Bank Corp. increases its assets

August 2008

Total assets of the corporation are at around $1.71 billion, an increase of 40%.

Selling out is not on the agenda of the directors of Global Bank Corp., which occupies the number two spot for companies with Panamanian capital, especially now that it has ended the fiscal year with good results. The company has plans to continue seeking opportunities in the region and to double its international portfolio.