Which Companies Built Public Infrastructure in 2019?

Van der Laat & Jiménez, H3 Guatemala, Constructora Codico, Bagatrac S.A. and Constructora Meco are some of the main companies that last year won contracts to design and build public works in Central American countries.

Monday, February 10, 2020

An analysis by CentralAmericaData's Trade Intelligence Unit provides interesting data on the companies that in 2019 were favored with contracts to design and build government buildings, roads, bridges, streets, overpasses and other public infrastructure works in Central American countries.
According to the information system, among the main favored companies in Costa Rica are Van der Laat & Jiménez S.A., Constructora Meco S.A., Codocsa S.A., Constructora Hernán Solís S.A. and Constructora Hermanos Bustamante e Hijos S.A.

In Guatemala, the companies included in the list are H3 Guatemala S.A., Constructora Codico S.A., Constructora La Metro S.A., Trazos y Construcciones S.A., FFAC S.A. and Constructora Guerra S.A.

Bagatrac S.A., Puentes y Calzadas Infraestructuras S.L.U., Constructora Rigaservices S.A., Constructora Rodsa, Constructora Meco S.A. and Edificadora Centroamericana Rapiparedes S.A., are some of the companies that were contracted by the Panamanian government in 2019.

In the case of the Dominican Republic, it is reported that ENA Ingeniería y Materiales SRL, and Constructora CMG, were awarded public contracts to execute construction projects.

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$84 Million in Road Works Awarded

September 2019

In Panama, Bagatrac, S.A. was awarded the contract for the rehabilitation and widening of the La Concepción - Cuesta Piedra - Volcán highway, in the province of Chiriquí.

For the contracting process the companies that participated were Puentes y Calzadas Infraestructura S.L.U.

What Companies Build Public Infrastructure?

June 2019

Constructora Rodsa, Constructora Peñaranda and Constructora Codico are three of the companies that in the first quarter of 2019 were awarded contracts by governments to build all types of public infrastructure in Central America.

An analysis of CentralAmericaData's Trade Intelligence unit provides data on the companies that from January to March 2019 were awarded government contracts to build all types of public infrastructure in Central American countries.

Codocsa To Carry Out Works on Ringroad

October 2013

For an amount of $6.3 million, the company will design and build a six lane bridge in the sunken area of ​​the ring road in the Costa Rican capital.

The works which will have to be completed in no more than six months also include drainage structures and water control.

This solution is not the same as the one which the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MTOP) had initially identified as the "best option".

Strong Interest in Tender for Public Works in Costa Rica

October 2013

Thirteen construction companies have submitted their proposals for repair and construction works in the "Circunvalación" highway, in the capital of Costa Rica.

The companies that submitted proposals to Consejo Nacional de Vialidad (Conavi) are: Ascamón y Tapusa, Sánchez Carvajal, PuentePrefa, Internego, Hernán Solís, MECO, Grupo JCB, Codocsa, Cimolai, Marlin Bridges, Edica, Crecex and Gepesa.