Where are the supermarkets in Central America?

In Costa Rica about 30% of supermarkets are in San Jose, Guatemala, the metropolitan area concentrates 45% of establishments, while in Panama, 32% are in West Panama.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

An analysis of the Trade Intelligence area of CentralAmericaData provides interesting results on where they are located, who they are, if they operate independently or if they belong to a chain or business group.

In Costa Rica about 27% of supermarkets identified in the national study are in the province of San Jose, another 23% in Alajuela and Heredia, and the remaining points of sale are distributed in other areas of the country.

Regarding the category of supermarkets, the study indicates that approximately 57% of establishments belong to some chain, while the remaining 43% operate independently.

Among the main supermarket chains, according to outlets in Costa Rica are Pali, Mayca, Fresh Market, Walmart and Megasuper.

In Guatemala, the metropolitan region concentrates close to 45% of the outlets identified nationally. It is followed by the departments of Escuintla, Suchitepequez and Quetzaltenango, which together represent 17% of the establishments dedicated to this business.

Regarding the chains or business groups, approximately 22% of the establishments in the study belong to Despensa Familiar, La Torre and Maxi Despensa.

On the other hand, Panama has the highest concentration of establishments in the provinces of Panama West, Panama and Chiriqui, concentrating together about 65% of the national outlets.

In Honduras, 25% of supermarkets are concentrated in the province of Francisco Morazán, while in El Salvador, about 32% of establishments are in the department of San Salvador.

Nicaragua is the Central American country that reports the lowest number of supermarkets. According to the report, 62% is concentrated in the provinces of Managua, Matagalpa and Jinotega.

CentralAmericaData it has geolocation and identification solutions for commercial establishments throughout Central America that allow estimating the value of a potential market. The tool also identifies points of sale and characterizes geographical areas.

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