When the Buyer Only Cares About the Price

There is a type of client whose only priority is paying the lowest price, even if that means sacrificing quality, brand recognition, or delivery time.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What can we do when price becomes the main obstacle to closing a sale? Many companies become frustrated with customers whose only priority seems to be the price.

Here are three keys to identify and profiting from "price shoppers":

By Ariel Baños
President and founder of FIJACIONDEPRECIOS.COM

My customers buy only because of the price alone: ​​reality or hype?

"'I've tried everything, but nothing works. My customers only buy based on price. " Lowering their arms, overwhelmed by the situation, many companies I deal with, confess to giving in to what appears to be an unsolvable problem: customers only care about paying the lowest price.

Another way of putting it is to say that these clients fall into the category of "price shoppers". For these customers the only priority is paying the least amount of money possible, and in return for this they do not hesitate to sacrifice other attributes such as quality, brand recognition, delivery time, among other things.

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