Water and Sewerage Works for $5.5 million

The German development bank KFW has granted Nicaragua a loan to expand the water and sewer system in the city of Granada.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A statement from the National Assembly of Nicaragua reads:


A loan to finance a project to upgrade and extend drinking water and sewerage for the city of Granada, signed between the Government of Nicaragua and the KFW, for four and a half million euros ($5.56 million) was approved this May 29 by the plenary of the National Assembly.

This loan will contribute to improving the health of the population of Granada, strengthening the administrative, commercial, operational and maintenance processes for water and sewerage services and contribute to the improvement of sanitation in the city, eliminating water spills in streets and avenues.

The implementation of this project in the city of Granada will benefit 100 thousand people via the renovation and equipping of five wells and pumping stations including a chlorination station, renovation of three existing reservoirs, renovation and replacement of 23,000 meters of distribution pipes for drinking water, renovation and relocation of 7,200 meters of household connections, renovation and expansion of existing treatment plant, and expansion of the existing sewerage system in the area.

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