Water: From Problem to Opportunity

Mismanagement of water resources causes growing problems in the supply of water for both human consumption and industrial use, but also presents opportunities for businesses.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The demand for storage and treatment of water has accelerated in recent years due to increasingly common rationing of drinking water in Central American urban areas, which has led to families and businesses to look for an assured supply for their own drinking water.

This market opportunity has been taken up by the Costa Rican company Ecotank, developing its own technology that has been tripled its sales revenue in the past two years and it now has a presence throughout the Central American market, with a production plant in Honduras and another one planned in Panama . "Other companies that distribute tanks for water storage in the market are Mucho Tanque ( concrete), Fibropiscinas (fiberglass) and Ecopiscinas (fiberglass)."

"However, it is not only the tank business that has grown because of shortages of the liquid. Treatment plants have also shown greater dynamism, although at a slower pace. Such is the case of Depuragua, a Costa Rican company dedicated to the manufacture of these plants."

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Water Shortage in Costa Rica Creating Business Opportunities

August 2016

The lack of this liquid in cantons such as Puriscal, where they say the problem will continue for three more years, is generating opportunities for water storage and treatment products.

Mismanagement of water resources is the cause of a growing number problems in providing water for both human consumption and industrial use, and at the same time is creating opportunities for businesses. 

Managua Needs to Invest in Water

August 2015

The exploitation of groundwater is reaching its limits in a city where 95% of the drinking water comes from that source and is distributed through a network which is 70 years old.

In order for Managua to have the necessary infrastructure to accompany the economic growth projected for the coming years, the city need to invest in new sources of drinking water.

Water Shortages in Costa Rica Get Worse

June 2014

Due to water supply problems housing developments have become stalled in 33% of the country's cantons.

The absence of medium and long term plans to solve the problem of water resources in the country is leading to the depletion of water sources that are not ample enough to support the growth of housing construction.

Water Shortage Slows Investment in Panama

June 2013

Real estate developments in the area of Cocle will have to generate their own sources of private water supply due to a shortage of this fluid in the province.

In light of this situation, the authorities do not seem to be in agreement over how the problem should be combated.