Warehouses: Where is Potential for New Developments?

Villa Nueva, Villa Canales and San Miguel Petapa, are the municipalities in Guatemala that have a high commercial opportunity for new developments of warehouses and industrial parks.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Although the greatest potential for developing new warehouse-office parks in the country is located in the southern municipalities of the metropolitan area, there are also growth opportunities in the El Naranjo sector, in Mixco, and also in the Atlantic exit.

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The "Market Study of the Winery Sector", elaborated by the Guild of Wineries of the Chamber of Industry of Guatemala, specifies that the business of industrial warehouses at present is conformed by 5.633 warehouses of diverse categories, and that in the last year the sector reported an approximately 7% growth.

Another of the study's findings is that the development focus for warehouse-office predominates in those sectors that are close to main roads, as is the case of the VAS (road located in the southern municipalities of the metropolitan area), which has caused it to be revitalized again with new projects and renovation of existing warehouses."

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Federico Rölz, president of the Gremial de Bodegas, told Prensalibre.com that "... the existing warehouses are also going through a process of regeneration of complexes modernizing in order to be able to compete with the current ones and to a concept of condominiums."

The article adds that "... The rising cost of land and the plan for industrial location and regularization are pushing the larger precincts to the outskirts of the city and personal storage is staying within the metropolitan area supporting urbanization and residential users or supporting businesses as distribution centers to avoid heavy transport in the center of the city."

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Logistics Complexes and Market Demand

March 2021

Small warehouses located in strategic locations that serve to quickly distribute the merchandise sold online, are the type of properties that in this context of new business reality have gained ground.

When analyzing the Guatemalan market, it is reported that one of the geographic regions in which the productive activity of this sector is increasing is composed of Villa Nueva, Villa Canales and San Miguel Petapa, municipalities of the department of Guatemala that are located south of the capital of the country. This area is a commercial node that has developed quickly in recent years.

New Logistics Project in Guatemala

November 2020

Calidad Inmobiliaria announced that it will build in Condado Naranjo, municipality of Mixco, a logistic center of 72 warehouses distributed in a four level tower.

According to information provided by the project's directors, the new industrial complex will be called "Districentro" and is currently in the launching stage.

Diversification in the Warehouse Market

April 2018

Guatemalan businessmen say that the boom in vertical housing is changing the demand for storage services in mini warehouses, which are increasingly sought out by families.

Regarding new trends, the CEO of Mr. Bodeguitas, Federico Rolz, explained to Elperiodico.com.gt that " ... The Generation 3 project, located in Las Charcas, zone 11 of the city, is characterized by having buildings with independent alarms, corridors designed for residential users which becomes an extension of the office and the house."

Self Storage in Costa Rica

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The trend for smaller housing and office spaces is driving the growth of the self storage business.

Elfinancierocr.com reports that "the migration of people and businesses to high rise residential and office buildings and competition for space are the triggers driving the development of the mini warehouse industry in Costa Rica.".