Walmart Puts Pressure on the Salvadoran Bureaucracy

A spokeswoman for the chain said that after three years the municipality of Mejicanos still has not given permission for a site which means an investment of $15 million.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The article in on Friday May 13, reported that Claudia Ibáñez, manager of corporate affairs at Walmart, El Salvador, reported that "four years ago permission was sought from the Ministry of the Environment and this was granted. The permit was taken to the mayor of the municipality for approval to build, but after three years there was still no answer. When at last there was one, it was to inform them that they must re-arrange the permit with the Ministry of Environment again, but this to date has not been granted. "

This Saturday 14 another article contained admissions by Walmart’s commercial vice president for Mexico and Central America, Gustavo Camacho, who chaired the above, noting that "the company expects to begin building shortly what would be its third branch in the country, in the town of Mejicanos, " adding that "We are committed to the municipality of Mejicanos to open a Walmart there, leading to more than 500 jobs for the town. We are managing the permits to serve residents of that zone. "

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Supermarkets: New Investment in El Salvador

June 2019

Walmart opened a new sales point under the Maxi Despensa format, in La Libertad, and required a $4 million investment.

Walmart representatives informed that the new Maxi Despensa Campos Verdes is located in a total area of 1,833 square meters, of which 1,436 square meters correspond to the sales room.

El Salvador: Walmart Invests $50 million

September 2013

At two months time the chain will open two new stores, adding about 12 thousand square meters of retail space.

According to an article in, Claudia Ibanez, manager of corporate affairs for Walmart, said: "The shops will be located in Colonia Escalon and Mejicanos, having an investment of $25 million each."

El Salvador: Walmart Construction Authorized

December 2011

Several years after requesting permits, the multinational has received permission to build a new supermarket in Mejicanos, with an investment of $15 million.

Last May, Claudia Ibanez, manager of corporate affairs at Walmart El Salvador, told the media that four years ago, the Ministry of Environment approved the construction.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses Present Their Products to Wal-Mart

June 2009

31 Salvadoran entrepreneurs presented their products to Wal-Mart executives, at the Business Round organized by the multi-national company.

The event “Business Round” is part of Wal-Mart’s program “A hand to grow.” Claudia de Ibáñez, Manager of Corporate Affairs for Wal-Mart Central America, commented to that “something that is worth underlining is that the support of family businesses stimulates job growth.