Walmart Seeks Suppliers from among SMEs

The retail giant has selected 12 regional SMEs manufacturing innovative products at reasonable prices, who will have the opportunity to offer their products in stores belonging to the chain.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

About 12 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Central America were chosen within the program of corporate social responsibility " Una mano para crecer”(Give a hand in order to grow) to be suppliers of Walmart stores in Central America and Mexico, and the stores of the Despensa de don Juan, Maxi-Despensas and Despensa Familiar.

"The businesses who were selected adhered to conditions such as: being manufacturers, having fewer than 100 employees, having health and safety registration (if applicable to their product), complying with labeling standards, having a bar code, and producing an article that is innovative, good quality and competitively priced. After being selected and before participating in the negotiating rounds they received training from Walmart in internal processes, costs and negotiation," reported

The chosen SMEs will be given a 90 day trial period, then the items that are best received will form part of the regular store selection, and as customer demand increases they may be placed in more outlets

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Walmart Expo 2013 for Suppliers

January 2013

The transnational is calling on companies interested in selling their products to participate in the fair to be held in Guatemala from 26 to 28 February.

From 26 to 28 February over a thousand store managers, executives and buyers from Walmart in CA and Mexico will meet in the Industrial Park in Guatemala City to discuss new product proposals.

Walmart Looks for Honduran SMEs

January 2011

For the fourth consecutive year, the multinational will develop its program "A Hand to Grow.”

The Walmart of Mexico and Central America program "A Hand to Grow" aims at supporting local producers and manufacturers, small and medium enterprises, offering space to sell their products in their store chain: supermarkets Paiz, Hiper Paiz, Maxi Bodegas and Despensas Familiares.

Wal-Mart Looking for SMEs in Honduras

June 2010

The multinational supermarket chain is conducting its third business roundtable, as part of a program called “Una Mano para Crecer” (A Hand to Grow).

Those suppliers who comply with the requirements will have the opportunity of commercializing their products in Wal-Mart’s stores.

Wal-Mart Looking For Salvadoran SMEs

June 2010

The multinational chain is holding its first 2010 business roundtable, as part of a program called “Una Mano para Crecer” (A hand for growing).

In these roundtables Wal-Mart will look for suppliers of new products to be distributed through its supermarket network.

“…businessmen … will have 90 ‘test’ days to sell in one or more stores.