Vicesa Acquires Share in Vidrios Panameños

Vidriera Centroamericana S.A. (Vicesa), a Costa Rican glass company, acquired 35.6% of Panamanian similar Vidrios Panameños (Vipasa).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Our investment in Vipasa will allow for greater operative synergy between both companies, further technical and administrative cooperation and to better serve a growing market. We will also make a more efficient use of our furnaces, making both companies more profitable", explained Marco Meneses, Vicesa spokesperson.

Back in August 2009, Vicesa announced a $7.8 million technology purchase to increase productivity at its factories. Such investment was funded by raising $20 million in the domestic bond market.

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Opportunities in Glass Recycling

October 2012

Nicaragua does not recycle its discarded glass, and the little that is collected is exported to three recycling plants in other Central American countries. reports that "If there was a glass processing plant in Nicaragua, without a doubt the number of collectors would multiply and their income would improve, but for now the amount of material collected for selling at the three factories operating in Central America, is only 2.457 metric tons per year, the lowest of all countries on the isthmus. "

Vicesa will Invest in Upgrading its Plant

August 2009

The $20 million obtained through bond sales will be used to upgrade production facilities and paying short term debts.

Vidriera Centroamericana (Vicesa) is a Costa Rican company that produces glass casings. It will spend $7.8 million in purchasing technology to increase productivity in its facilities.

VICESA Completes $20 Million Bond Issue

August 2009

The company, known as "Vidriera Centroamericana S.A.", obtained $20 million debt financing at the Costa Rican Stock Exchange.

Its public auction of bonds was completed for a total $20.295.488, the average price being 101.48.

The Costa Rican company, who engages in fabrication, commercialization and export of glass casings, used the Securities Market to transform short term debts into medium and long term ones.

New Participant in the Securities Market

July 2009

Vidriera Centroamericana S.A. will do a public offering of $20 million in the Costa Rican Stock Exchange.

Vidriera Centroamericana S.A. (Vicesa) will list 4 series of standardized debt in the Costa Rican Stock Exchange, in either July or August.
The company engages in the fabrication, marketing and export of glass recipients, and is from Costa Rican origin.