Veto of Controversial Food Law in Panama

The bill to reform the decree that created the Panamanian Food Authority has been vetoed by President Varela, amid pressure from the agricultural sector.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The presidential veto over the bill comes days after the Panamanian guild of private companies asked the executive branch to intervene, amid protests by agricultural producers in the province of Chiriquí. 

With the legal reform, the intention was to allow "... national producers to be on the board of the AUPSA, and to repeal two articles concerning the obligation of officials to ratify imports in 30 days, under penalty of criminal and administrative charges."

From a statement issued by the Presidency of Panama:

Bill 443, which reforms the Panamanian Authority for Food Safety (AUPSA), was partially vetoed, at the same time the setting up of a Work Table was announced in order to reach an agreement between the different opinions that exist in the sector concerning this issue.

The Bureau of Labor will be headed by the Government the Ministries of Agricultural Development, Health and Trade, as well as authorities of the AUPSA. 

The Minister of MIDA, Eduardo Carles will coordinate the Work Table whose purpose is try to bring together the different opinions on the subject.

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June 2016

President Varela signaled the need to include medicine purchases in the law, among other objections, and did not make mention of the debarment of companies with foreign convictions for corruption.

The main objection put forward by various social groups to the new law on state procurement is that it does not establish the exclusion of businesses convicted abroad for corruption from being state providers, and these groups have asked President Varela to veto the law for that reason .The president vetoed 8 articles of the law, but did not say anything in his observations about that particular topic.

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President Varela has vetoed the obligation to coordinate with agrifood chains the controls planned for imports and demands for sanitary requirements from countries that use measures of reciprocity.

The veto is based on the need to respect existing trade agreements, and has caused trouble for farmers who say that they obey the interests of importers.

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Entrepreneurs are asking President Varela to veto the recently passed law which makes it mandatory to provide three hours of free parking at shops.

From the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP):

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), laments the approval on its Third Debate of Bill No.

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October 2013

Panamanian Congress has welcomed the partial veto of a bill which would allow the privatization of 49% of the shares of the Cold Chain.

"... The project was approved on its first debate just 24 hours after President Martinelli sent the Assembly a note objecting to Article 4 of the bill, which stated that if the case arose where the State needed to capitalize the company Mercados Nacionales de la Cadena de Frío, SA., it could dispose of 49% of its share capital", reported