Venezuela's Influence in El Salvador's Elections

A close association between a political party and a company is not acceptable from the perspective of the theory of democracy.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FUSADES has presented a study which questions the relationship between the left wing party and a Venezuelan company.

From a press release issued by the Salvadoran and Social Economic Development Foundation (FUSADES) :

Political Patronage in El Salvador? A Case Study of Alba Petróleos and its related companies.

This report is based on a study in El Salvador by two international consultants, researchers at the University of Salamanca, during August and September 2013. As part of the study fourteen in-depth interviews were conducted with key informants in the city of San Salvador. Key informants included members of the national government, management personnel of the central public administration, members of the National Assembly and business representatives. The report is also based on the study of the relevant scientific literature, analysis of political speeches, examination of legislation, judicial precedents and official documents.

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El Salvador: No News is Bad News

May 2014

The new government in El Salvador is keeping almost the same ministerial team as the Funes administration, ensuring the continued deterioration of the economy and lack of eligibility for investment.


Unfortunately "dedollarization" has been ruled out by the elected President Sanchez Ceren, which, as the next president lamented, implies that "you cant resort to a monetary policy." Our opinion is -on the contrary- that formal dollarization in force in El Salvador is a barrier to greater government fiscal outrages.

El Salvador: Alba Petróleos and Politics

February 2013

The firm Alba Petróleos is owned in 40% by municipalities governed by President Funes' Party, and in 60% by PDV Caribe, a subsidiary of PDVSA of Venezuela.

An article by Juan Valiente points to the economic growth of Alba Petróleos and the use such growth in El Salvador as a political instrument subordinated to the will of a foreign power.

Corruption Charges Against Alba Petróleos

January 2013

The National Association of Private Enterprise in El Salvador has declared that "money laundering is enabling Alba Petróleos to dabble in various production and commercial activities in the country."

According to an article in "The Executive Director of the ANEP, Arnoldo Jimenez said that this development ‘is part of a whole scheme of money laundering, diversion of funds and corruption that exists behind Alba ', referring to 'how Alba and el Frente (FMLN) are gaining economic control through political power'. "

Electoral campaign starts in El Salvador

October 2008

With the presentation of their candidates for mayors and lawmakers, the political parties will start an "intense battle" this week in preparation for the general elections in 2009.

"What we are going to see this weekend, is the start of an intense battle to win over electors of which an average of 20% have still not yet decided who they will vote for," the director of the Public Opinion Institute at the Francisco Gavidia University, Mauricio Henriquez. For Henriquez, the major political parties make an effort to publicly present their candidates, since in surveys most of the population believes that lawmakers "do not work for the people."