Venezuela Interested in Nicaraguan Coffee

A Venezuelan trade mission will visit the country with a view to expanding the quantity and quality of coffee exported home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The trade delegation will be headed by the general manager of Corporación Venezolana del Café, Marcelo Cruz.
According to a statement from the government of Managua in the official newspaper El 19, the Venezuelan delegation will have "the opportunity to exchange information in the field with producers, cooperatives and coffee processing operators"
They will also meet with the authorities from the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAGFOR) and the Rural Development Institute (IDR)", reported

In addition, they will talk to company executives from Food Nicaragua Alba SA (Albalinisa) with whom they will negotiate assistance programs for coffee producers who export to Venezuela and other countries, he said.

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Taiwanese Trade Mission Comes to Nicaragua

February 2013

The interest of Taiwanese entrepreneurs focuses on speciality coffee in green bean form, roasted coffee beans and ground coffee, green coffee, instant coffee, gourmet coffee and coffee extract.

Representatives from 11 Taiwanese companies will participate in a seminar and business conferences in which they will hold meetings with producers, exporters and business people from the local coffee sector on 4 March.

Nicaragua and Venezuela Create Binational Food Company

July 2011

The two governments have formed the company "Grannacional de Alimentos", which will channel exports from Venezuela to Nicaragua.

Initially, the organization will handle exports of foods such as jam, banana, fruit juices, milk, tuna and cocoa powder.

Juan Carlos Jimenez, president of the Venezuelan Food Corporation, explained: "We have under agreement with Nicaragua imports of beef, long life milk, and coffee, among other things, and also we have established strategies to ensure other requirements of agricultural items for our country in the coming months . "

Nicaragua to Export 50% More Coffee to Venezuela

March 2011

In 2011, Nicaragua hopes to export 300.000 bushels to Venezuela, 50% more than in 2010.

Albalinisa representatives reported that Nicaragua exported coffee for the first time to Venezuela in 2009, amounting to 125.000 bushels, a figure which increased to 200.000 in 2010 and would reach 300.000 in 2011.

Venezuelan Trade Mission in Nicaragua

August 2010

Business leaders from the Venezuelan Food Corporation are in the country looking to increase trade.

Items on the agenda include visiting the sites of various programs in the ALBA framework, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas.

"Venezuela has become Nicaragua's second largest export destination, surpassed only by the USA.