Various Trade Opportunities

From Canada there is demand for tropical flowers, organic pineapples, and turbinado sugar.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On its website, the Promotion Offices PROCOMER has published trading opportunities identified this week:

Canadian companies directly contacted Trade Promotion Office PROCOMER requesting:

- tropical flowers
- organic pineapples
- turbinado sugar

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Various Business Opportunities

July 2012

There is demand for whole fish for processing, onion, sugar, organic papaya, pineapples, mini vegetables.

On the website, of the Promotion Offices PROCOMER the trading opportunities identified published this week are:

From Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Canada, there is demand for:

Various Business Opportunities

July 2012

There is demand for caramel, nutrition bars, Jam, Snacks, Printing Services, Fruits, Fish and fish meal, Molluscs, Coffee, Cocoa, Caobilla, Wooden, Cattle, Tilapia.

On the website run by the Costa Rica trade promotion office, PROCOMER, a number of trading opportunities have been published:

Various Business Opportunities

July 2012

Procomer has detected in Costa Rica a demand for organic coconut oil, dried fruits, electrical cables, tubing for electrical cables, sweet Chips, steel products, sponge biscuits, and cookies.

On its website, The Trade Promotion Offices, PROCOMER, publishes business opportunities identified in countries outside the isthmus.

Costa Rica seeks to boost trade and investment with US

June 2008

Costa Rica's export promotion agency, Procomer, launched a plan to boost trade and investment with the United States.

Procomer officials say they are seeking investment in areas such as the auto industry, information technology and construction, while boosting export in tropical fruits, leather goods and textiles, among others.