VR Business begins operations in Panama

VR Business Brokers, a multinational consulting company dedicated to the purchase, sale and appraisal of companies, starting its operation in Panama yesterday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pa-digital.com.pa reports: "This company began operations yesterday in Panama, and according to Adolfo Bustamente, director of the Bustamante Group, which is associated with VR Business, the main focus will be the sale of companies valued at between 1 and 500 million dollars, although they are not casting small companies aside."

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Mexicans Acquire Hydroelectric Power Plants in Panama

February 2020

Grupo Carso announced the acquisition of the total shares of Ideal Panama, a company operating two hydroelectric plants with a combined capacity of 145 MW.

The amount of the transaction was $152.6 million, according to a relevant announcement published by the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Guatemalan Group Acquires Cement Plant in Panama

November 2019

Cemento Interoceanico de Panama announced that the Progreso group acquired 100% of its shares and that they have begun a transition process.

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Supermarket Business In Few Hands

July 2018

In Costa Rica, Walmart has agreed to buy the supermarket chains Perimercados, Súper Compro and the Saretto store, until now owned by Grupo Empresarial de Supermercados.

Walmart Mexico and Central America reported that the transaction was presented on July 19 to the Commission for the Promotion of Competition (Coprocom), which must evaluate and authorize it.

Holcim Sells Productos de Concreto Subsidiary

March 2012

The company justified its decision on its need to focus on its core business, cement production.

Information on the sale of Productos de Concreto was issued in a statement released by Holcim Costa Rica, although the company did not disclose the name of the firm that will acquire PC, which sells finished products.