VAT Refund: Changes in Regulations

The changes that had been made to the Regulation of the Value Added Tax Law in Guatemala came into effect.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

This is Governmental Agreement 222-2019 modifying the Regulation of the Value Added Tax Law, which contains provisions regarding the mechanisms for the recovery of the tax credit to exporters created by Decree 4-2019, informed the exporters' union.

See "Registration for VAT Refund System"

From the Agexport statement:

1. For the new Special Electronic Regime for the Return of Tax Credit to Exporters:

-Registration to the register will be by means of an electronic form and may be made in any month of the year. The update will be done annually in January. This Registration is already available through your Virtual Agency.

Within the documentation that must be included in the electronic application, it is found:
- Transactions recorded in inventory books, first entry or journal, major or centralizer, purchases and services received, sales and services provided.
- Financial statements (balance sheet, results, cash flow, production costs when applicable), auxiliary book of banks, detail of export declarations indicating the export sales invoice and its value in national currency.
- For the export of services, the documentation that supports that the currencies have been negotiated in the national territory. It must be certified by the registered Accountant and signed by the Legal Representative.
- Documents that support registered operations of the normal course of business and claimed tax credit.

Read full statement (In Spanish).

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