Unification of Trade Agreements with Mexico

Central American countries seek to harmonize three different FTAs that have been signed with Mexico.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The basis for the new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will be that signed most recently between the Aztec nation and the group of countries known as the North Triangle (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador). Adjustments will be made reflecting current conditions and requirements of all countries in the isthmus.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua have separate FTAs signed with Mexico.

The article in Elfinanciero.com.mx highlights that in the discussions, to be concluded by Wednesday, "the Central American negotiators are analyzing access to markets, rules of origin, conflict resolution and how to faciliate trade while at the same time removing as many exceptions in the different agreements".

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August 2012

Investors should be aware of the tools available for exporting with tariff benefits to Cuba, Mexico and the European Union.

A statement from the Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments in El Salvador – PROESA reads:

Three new tools to increase the flow of trade and investment

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Exports have performed very well in recent years, partly thanks to 11 trade agreements, but they are far from reaching their full potential and production of many goods lacks added value.

Nicaragua should not only increase the volume of its exports, but it should also diversify its range.

Chile launches free trade agreement with Honduras

July 2008

A free trade agreement between Chile and Honduras went into effect July 19, Chile reported.

In 1999, Chile signed an FTA with five Central American countries before going on to sign specific protocols with Costa Rica, El Salvador and now Honduras.
The Chilean foreign ministry's head of commercial affairs, Carlos Furche, said: "The doors have been opened to 94 percent of our exports to Honduras that will now enter free of tariffs."

Central America to unify agreements with Mexico

June 2008

Central America's deputy ministers of Trade will start this week in El Salvador to unify the trade agreements each country has negotiated with Mexico.

Rubén Morales, deputy trade minister for Guatemala, says the objective is to end up with one consolidated treaty of commercial relations with Mexico.