USA reduces Imports of Flowers and Ornamental Plants

In the last five years imports of cut flowers fell from $850 million to $670 million, while ornamentals increased from $630 million to over $1 billion in the same period.

Friday, August 21, 2015

From a statement issued by the Foreign Trade Promotion Office:

Imports of fresh flowers are becoming fewer and more florists are closing in the United States, leading to more dynamism in the segment of ornamental plants.
Countries such as the Netherlands (traditionally one of the largest suppliers of cut flowers to the market) have virtually disappeared as suppliers in this sector, according to the latest figures from the Department of Agriculture.

Indeed, while imports of cut flowers have fallen from a value of US $850 million to US $670 million in the past five years, foreign purchases of ornamental plants have increased going from US $630 million to more than $1,050 million in the same period.

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Guatemala: The Ornamental Plant Trade

December 2015

125 companies are engaged in the production and export of ornamental plants, flowers and foliage, generating more than $86 million in revenue in 2014 alone.

Companies in this sector plan expect to close 2015 with an increase of 5% in exports of ornamental plants compared to 2014, although the European market has yet to regain the levels of imports of plants and flowers it had before the crisis that erupted in 2009.

Requirements to Export Flowers and Foliage to Europe

March 2014

A Dutch study presents the expectations of importers of flowers and foliage in terms of sustainability, certification, required standards and other practices.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands has conducted a study detailing the expectations of consumers and importers of flowers and foliage in European countries, consumer preferences, procedures and techniques used in the production and transfer of flowers, labeling, relevance of certification of products, and definition of sustainability, among other things.

Dutch Trade Mission in Guatemala and Costa Rica

April 2013

Dutch producers of plants, vegetables and flowers will visit both countries from 11 to 18 May 2013, looking for investors interested in the sector.

Information published by NethWork:

NethWork is organizing a trade mission to Guatemala and Costa Rica which will take place from Sunday 12 May to Saturday 18 May 2013.

Buyers Mission Closes with more than $40 million in Business

September 2012

The Buyers Trade Mission-BTM-2012 closed with a projected $41 million in business, which would exceed the 2011 figure of $38 million.

A press release from the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promotion Office (Procomer) reads:

BTM closes with more than $40 million in projected business