Two Pluses and a Negative

Feedback to employees should contain both praise and criticism.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In his discussion in an article in, Ernesto Bazan notes the importance of the art of the sandwich, when talking with employees about their performance evaluation.

Bazan highlights the sandwich technique as being "... a valuable management tool. Its effectiveness has been proven. The technique consists of breaking the meeting into three phases; praise- review points -praise ."

Phase I: Praise
The idea is to start the meeting with flattery. It is important that the praise is genuine and that it does not seem too forced or exaggerated.

Phase II: Review points
In this stage the conversation continues with any criticisms that are applicable. It is important to do this assertively, and with respect and consideration.

Phase III: Praise
This is the third part of the sandwich and consists of ending the meeting on a note of praise. This will strengthen the persons self-confidence, self-esteem and motivate them to self improvement.

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