Turmoil in Costa Rica’s Poultry Sector

Pollo Rey invested $20 million in moving its processing plants while Cargill is spending $25 million in a new distribution center.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The poultry division of Corporación Multiinversiones (Dipcmi), maker of Pollo Rey, moved its processing plant from San Carlos to its central headquarters in Coyol de Alajuela.

“Additionally, the company reported that for the second half of 2013 they will move another processing plant, also located in San Carlos, to a 1.000 m2 space in Barranca de Puntarenas”, reported Elfinancierocr.com.

Its main competitor, Cargill, plans a $25 million investment in the construction of a distribution center to serve customers in the Metropolitan Area.

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Nicaragua: Poultry Plant Starts Operations

December 2015

Cargill has inaugurated a new cold storage and distribution plant southeast of Managua, with capacity to store up to 8 million pounds of chicken meat.

In addition to the new plant, in which $50 million were kkinvested, Cargill announced plans to invest $100 million over the next three years in three new projects, including a plant for shrimp food, in which it plans to invest $12 million.

Investment in Poultry Sector in Costa Rica

July 2014

Increased competition and rising production costs are causing firms in the sector to revive their production processes with new plants, equipment and electrical systems.

The three companies which dominate 92% of the market for chicken meat and its derivatives are making significant investments to modernize their production processes in an increasingly competitive world where consumption has maintained a steady upward trend.

New Cargill Plant in Nicaragua

August 2012

With an investment of $3.5 million, the company is to open its eighth processing plant, in the region of Las Maderas.

The farm, consisting of 10 galleries for 38,000 birds each, will have capacity to produce 12.5 million pounds of chicken a year, said Cargill’s corporate vice president for Nicaragua, Alfredo Velez.

Arrival of Cargill Reactivates Costa Rican market

June 2011

The entry of the U.S. firm has brought new investment by competitors.

Since announcing the purchase of Pipasa by Cargill, the Costa Rican poultry market has not stopped moving.

Investment in new plants and rethinking strategies, among others, are some of the actions that companies are beginning to take to cope with expected changes in the market.