Tuna Fishing: Restrictions Concern Businessmen

The Costa Rican Tuna Industry Chamber warned about the possibility that the government will publish a decree that would extend the ban zone for the purse tuna fishery to a distance of between 100 and 150 miles from the Pacific coast.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

According to the sector's union, this decree, which is in the drafting stage, would put at risk the fulfillment of the export commitments of canned fish to the world's main markets.

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In a statement, the Costa Rican Chamber of the Tuna Industry (Catun) explained that this great reduction of the fishing zones would eliminate all competition for foreign-flagged tuna vessels to continue buying licenses from INCOPESCA and that varying the exclusion zone, as established in the document, would leave the Costa Rican tuna industry without raw material.

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Asdrúbal Vásquez, executive director of Catun, said that "... with this measure they are not only banning purse seine tuna fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Costa Rica, but they are leaving the industry without tuna of national origin, strongly affecting regional competitiveness and preventing it from meeting its export commitments for its canned products to markets such as the United States and Europe."

Crhoy.com reviews that for Vasquez these "... with these provisions, the same government is harming our industry and putting at risk more than 4,500 jobs generated by the sector, in times when national unemployment reaches 24.4%".

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Licenses will be granted in the Exclusive Economic Zone only up until 5,847 metric tons have been fished and to foreign vessels that demonstrate they have put all of their catch into domestic processors.

From a statement issued by the President of Costa Rica: 

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The fishing industry is calling for an enlargement in the withdrawal from the coasts for tuna purse seine fishery and that licenses be given only to ships committed to selling 100% of their catch to the local industry.

In an opinion piece published in Nacion.com, Asdrubal Vasquez Nunez mentions the importance of the Costa Rican tuna industry to the economy and points to the need to reorganize legislation for the sector in order to increase the competitiveness and productivity of it.

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Businessmen demands are a law that includes a scientific technical analysis, reorders fishing areas and controls fishing activities.

This is what the Costa Rican Chamber of Tuna Industry is asking for. According to an article in Nacion.com, the bill "should consider reviewing and updating the license fees charged to different sectors, so that these resources strengthen the institutions responsible for safeguarding the marine wealth and stop relying so much on Costa Rican state resources. "