Treasury Bonds: Plans for 2020

For this year, the government of Guatemala plans to issue an amount equivalent to $2.392 million, which includes new issues and titles that will expire soon and will be awarded again.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

According to information from the Directorate of Public Credit, an entity of the Ministry of Finance (Minfin), during 2020 new issues will reach $ 1.845 million and collections or roll over, titles that expire but will be re-issued in the market, will be of $547 million. review that "... The issuance of the debt is authorized by Congress and the Minfin programs a schedule to make issues in the domestic market. It is not yet known if they will issue Eurobonds."

Álvaro González Ricci, Minister of Finance, explained that "... they are preparing the bill to request a budget extension from Congress. We are about to conclude the bill to request the budget extension and the sources of financing."

The amount requested by Minfin could be as high as $800 million.

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Guatemala Issued $1.2 Billion in Eurobonds

April 2020

The country issued $500 million in the international market with a 12-year term, at a rate of 5.37%, and $700 million in the 30-year term, at an interest rate of 6.13%.

The operation was carried out through the Bank of America (BOFA), one of the most important investment banks in the world, chosen through a competitive process, informed the Public Finance Ministry (Minfin).

Treasury Bonds: How Much Still to Be Awarded?

June 2019

For the rest of the year, the Guatemalan government plans to award Treasury Bonds for an amount equivalent to $136 million, which will be issued through an electronic system and physical title.

Days ago the Ministerio de Finanzas (Minfin) informed that the global amount awarded of Treasury Bonds of the Republic of Guatemala up to date, including those made through public tenders and auctions ascended to Q.17,277.9 million ($2,243.9 million), corresponding to Fiscal Year 2019.

Guatemala Issues $1.2 Billion in Eurobonds

May 2019

The government was able to issue $700 million over 30 years at a 6.12% rate, and $500 million over 10 years at a 4.9% rate.

The operation was carried out through the bank Citigroup Global Markets Inc, one of the three most important investment banks in the world, chosen through a competitive process, informed the Ministry of Finance.

Guatemala Issues $58 Million in Debt

April 2019

The Ministry of Finance placed Treasury Bonds in local currency for amounts equivalent to $13 million and $45 million, with terms of 15 years and 20 years, respectively.

From the press release of the Ministerio de Finanzas Públicas (Equivalent to the US Department of the Treasury):