Water Treatment for Ships

Before September 2017 Panamanian vessels weighing over 400 tons must install ballast water treatment equipment, ranging in cost from $900,000 to $2 million.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Vessels in the Panamanian merchant fleet have until September 8, 2017 to purchase and install equipment for ballast water treatment and comply with the international convention for the control and management of ballast water and sediments.

Rommel Troetsch, president of the Panama Maritime Chamber, told Prensa.com that "... one of the central points is that it will impose costs on boat owners but it is an obligation for everyone who seeks to protect the marine ecosystems of each country."

"... Among some of the commitments in the agreement it is that each ship will have to keep a logbook of ballast water and an international certificate of ballast water management. This must be complied with starting from September 8, 2017 when the agreement will come into force."

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$6 Million Water Transportation Services

August 2019

The Costa Rican Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture tenders the services of six shrimp boats, their equipment and crew, as support for Incopesca projects.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2019LN-000002-0018600001:

"Six semi-industrial shrimp vessels, fishing equipment and necessary crew will be hired to serve as support or means for INCOPESCA to carry out research called "Population dynamics studies for shrimp fishery by trawlers in the Pacific of Costa Rica."

Panama: $13 million for Naval Equipment

November 2016

The National Naval Air Service is preparing tenders for $13 million in 2017 for the purchase of new vessels and aircraft.

The amount has already been approved by the Cabinet Council and included in the budget for the Naval Air Service (Senan) 2017. 

Panama: $26 million for Public Safety

May 2016

The government has announced it will buy an aircraft and maritime interdiction boats, and will contract maintenance for aircraft in the National Air Service.

The Cabinet has endorsed the purchase of a DHC-6 Twin Otter 400 aircraft as well as maritime interdiction vessels DAMEN 1102 and three contracts for maintenance of aircraft order to strengthen the capacity of the National Air Service (Senan).

Nicaragua Plans to Own a Shipping Company

July 2012

The National Port Company has announced the commissioning of a ship with a capacity for 3,500 tons of cargo, to cover shipping routes connecting the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance.

The first ship by the Nicaraguan shipping company will be in service three months after repairs have been completed, at a cost of $1.5 million. A second freighter will join the first within one year.