Transportation: Mandatory Insurance until 2021

Following the reform of government agreement 17-2020, the entry into force of the regulation requiring passenger and cargo transport units to take out civil liability insurance was delayed for one year in Guatemala.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

On February 12, 2020, the governmental agreement 17-2020 was published in the Diario de Centroamerica, which obliged the owners of trailers, trucks, panels and pickups, as well as urban micro and buses, cabs, motorcycle cabs and tuc-tucs, to have an insurance policy as of March 20 of this year.

However, due to the crisis generated by the outbreak of covid-19, the Ministry of Interior decided to delay for one year the first payment and hiring of the annual insurance. The announcement was made official by the authorities on October 19.

You may be interested in "Insurance: Tender for Multiple Policy" reviews that "... the regulation orders that they will have to acquire an insurance to compensate for injuries, disability, mutilation, damages to passengers, damages to the environment, among others."

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The article adds that "... owners of cargo transportation and owners of urban collective buses will pay Q137,118.50 ($18,000) on a mandatory basis, for the death of third parties, who are passengers or persons passing by and who did not drive the vehicles in road accidents as of March 2020."

Carriers that do not take out the insurance will be fined close to $2,000.

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As of March 20, the government agreement that requires passenger and cargo transport units to take out civil liability insurance will become effective in the country.

On February 12, 2020, government agreement 17-2020 was published in the Diario de Centroamerica, requiring owners of trucks, panels and pickups, as well as micro and urban buses, taxis, motorcycle taxis and "tuc tucs", to have an insurance policy.

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