Transport of Valuable Goods Market ​​in Panama

Dunbar from Guatemala , Brinks from the U.S., and national CIS CORP, are the three companies that are responsible for transporting valuable goods ​​between banks, businesses and shops.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"The transport of valuable goods ​​as such is like a taxi service, but for valuable goods, ​​nowadays the conveyors are a logistics solution for money. We handle banks treasuries, ATMs (automated teller machines), we also handle liquidation of routes, we do transport, and take custody of vaults ," said an executive of the company Dunbar, who did not reveal his identity.

The companies did not disclose the amounts they carry for security reasons, but "if you compare Panama with a Central American country, perhaps the Central American country has a larger volume of transport, but there is a larger value of currency, for example, they can perform 30 journeys and here three, but maybe in these three trips there is more because here they use the dollar," said one of the companies.

As safety of the goods is the most important factor, Panamaniann companies are being offered Japanese trucks said Andres Garcia Miron, executive at BlinTech, adding that trucks manufactured in the U.S. have higher fuel consumption, however, the Japanese ones have reduced costs, but must be transformed for optimal performance and shielding.

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"Company executives say it is a business strategy which seeks to bring to its customers in the country more security technology, as well as more services, which for some years have been more than transporting money and valuables in armored trucks", informed