Transport Companies Complain Over Nicaraguan Tolls

Central American cargo companies want Nicaragua to stop charging a 20% toll over the price of each transportation service.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In order to achieve this, delegates from the Central American Chamber of Transport Companies (Catransca), met with representatives of the Nicaraguan Transportation Ministry.

Héctor Fajardo, vice president of the chamber, told “the objective of the meeting is getting Nicaragua to waive these dispositions that affect ground transportation and violate the framework agreement for Central American integration”.

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Freight Rates Rise in Nicaragua

May 2012

Most shipping companies have agreed to pay carriers between $1.26 and $1.29 per kilometre as a re-adjustment.

After nearly a week of strikes, 10 of the 15 shipping companies operating in the country agreed to concede to the demands of freight carriers, and they will pay an adjustment per kilometre of between $1.26 and $1.29.

Freight Price Increases in El Salvador

October 2010

The Freight Business Association announced adjustments of 38% and 100% in freight rates.

For distances less than 500 km the increase is 38% ($ 1.45 per km). For distances over 1,000 kilometers up to 100% (the current rate in Panama is $ 1 per km). reported that union president, Raul Alfaro, stated"...

Honduras: Truckers Block Nicaraguan Cargo

August 2010

Honduran haulage contractors have announced a blockade of goods coming from Nicaragua at the end of the month.

The announcement was released in Honduran press by Benjamín Castro, president of the country's Freight Transport Chamber, who did not reveal the exact date chosen.

Cargo Transportation Fees Up 20% in El Salvador

April 2010

The Salvadoran Association of Cargo Transportation Companies announced they will increase fees by 20%.

Nelson Vanegas, president of the Association (known as Asetca), explained the increase as a result of higher fuel prices. Asteca gathers over 60 of all cargo transportation companies in the country.