Train to Extend Line 3 to Penonomé, Santiago and David

The government plans to analyze the feasibility of building a light rail line which would connect line 3 with other provinces, in a first stage to Penonomé, a second to Santiago and a third to David, Chiriqui.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In a statement on, it is indicated that "... along with the construction of Metro Line 3 to the sector of West Panama, the administration has scheduled the feasibility studies necessary for the construction of a Light Rail line to connect Line 3 with the rest of the country, through a first tranche to Penonomé, a second to Santiago and a third stretch to David, Chiriqui.

"For Panama, investing in a mass transport system is a priority and our administration wants to leave a clear roadmap of work and investments we need to make with a State vision looking to 2030 to connect the entire country." Added Varela.

"... The Panamanian president said his administration is evaluating options to expand Metro Line 2 eoyj new stations will be integrated to the bus system, as part of the expansion and modernization of the public transport system."

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$34 Million in Railway System

October 2021

Panama's government tender’s professional services for the integral railway system for the Panama Metro Line 1 extension to Villa Zaita.

Panama Government Purchase 2021-2-80-0-08-LP-004202:

"Metro de Panama requires design engineering services, construction of the civil works, Auxiliary Line and Station Facilities, and interfaces with the Integral Rail System for the Panama Metro Line 1 Extension to Villa Zaita.

Panama-David Train: A $4.1 Billion Project

March 2019

The rail transport system that would cover a 390 km distance and whose construction would last six years, contemplates in the future a possible expansion towards the border with Costa Rica.

China Railway Design Corporation worked with several Panamanian companies that supported the economic, geotechnical, soil, capacity and demand analyses of the Panama-David train feasibility study.

Guatemala - Mexico Railway Interconnection

March 2016

Although the start date had been was agreed as December 2015, it has now been announced that construction of the roads that connect will Tecun Uman with Chiapas, Mexico, will start in April.

In October 2015 the company Ferrovías announced that on December 15 it would start the interconnection with the Mexican Railway Company Chiapas-Mayab, with the aim of "... activating that line so that in the next five years several sections in the country can be extended with profits generated from this first phase. "

A Central American Rail Network?

March 2013

A pre-feasibility study on a rail transport system for El Salvador has as its main concept the interconnection with other countries in the region. reports that Jose Antonio Sebastian, director of strategic development and international business for the company Tramrail said that the study "will designate routes for connecting with the Central American countries ...