Trade Mission from Colombia to Panama

From February 20th to 23rd a group of Colombian businessmen will be meeting with Panamanian companies to explore business opportunities.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The business meeting is being organized by the Colombian-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, which aims to help "smooth things over" in the context of prevailing tension in trade relations between the two countries. 

"...  The Colombian-Panamanian Chamber of Commerce is organizing the activity together with the Chambers of Commerce of Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Manizales. Its president, Eduardo Cristo told that "... there is a meeting scheduled with the Minister of Trade and Industry, with the purpose of organizing a  'Panama Invest' activity in Colombia to publicize Panama's advantages, which has already generated interest."

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Promoting Colón Free Zone in Colombia

August 2017

Businessmen from the Colombo - Panamanian Chamber are analyzing the possibility of organizing a trade mission to the South American country to promote Free Zone services.

Colombian entrepreneurs may not be using the ZLC to bring goods from Asia, but instead, could be trying to do so directly with Asian countries such as China. This is the argument put forward by representatives from the Colombo - Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, who intend to organize a trade mission to promote the advantages offered by the ZLC to trade with Asia.

Colombians Explore Business in Panama

February 2017

A search is on for Panamanian companies interested in representing products such as furniture, dried and processed fruits, glass and aluminum, chemicals and clothing, among other things.

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama:

Agenda of the Presidents of Panama and Colombia

August 2013

Businessmen from both countries are pay attention to the dialogue on tax information, tariffs on re-exportations from the CFZ, the Trade Agreement, and the electrical interconnection. reports: "Today sees the start of a new stage in the Colombian-Panamanian relationship with President Ricardo Martinelli's visit to Colombia, for a meeting with President Juan Manuel Santos".

Colombians Highlight Opportunities in Central America

June 2012

Colombian businessmen indicate that the entire region is a good market for exports and investment, and existing opportunities are not being taken advantage of.

Central America is a region with plenty of benefits for investment, with unlimited access to foreign exchange, protection of trademarks and patents, and this has not been taken advantage of by the Colombian industry, despite an FTA with three countries-Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, says the president of the Panamanian Colombian Chamber of Commerce, Eduardo Cristo.