Trade Agreement El Salvador - Belize

Negotiations have begun on issues such as market access, SPS, Trade Protection, Dispute Settlement and Institutional Arrangements.

Friday, February 22, 2013

From the press release issued by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador:

Negotiating teams from Belize and El Salvador met in San Ignacio, Belize, on February 19 in order to begin negotiations for a Partial Scope Agreement between the two countries. The agreement aims to deepen trade relations and cooperation through preferential tariffs and laws aimed at this purpose.

As a result of negotiations, we have managed to make significant progress on issues such as market access, SPS, Trade Protection, Dispute Settlement and Institutional Provisions of the Agreement.

We have also managed to close the chapter on TBT rules and most policy issues regarding Rules of Origin. Still pending for future negotiation rounds are Annexes on tariff preferences and specific rules of origin.

This initiative is part of the strategy of diversification of destinations for the range of Salvadoran exports promoted by the Ministry of Economy, which specifically aims to open up business opportunities in the market of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM.

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Central America and the FTA with South Korea

February 2018

The signing of the trade agreement is scheduled for late February, a measure that bodes well for improving access to Korean high-tech products and increasing agro-exports from Central America.

A report by Moody's analyzes the impact expected in El Salvador and in the other countries of the region, from the entry into force of the free trade agreement with the Asian nation. 

El Salvador - Ecuador Trade Agreement Signed

February 2017

Candy, plastics, juices and nectars, medicines and paper bags are included in the list of 214 Salvadoran products that will enter Ecuador under special tariff conditions.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador:

Progress in FTA with South Korea

August 2016

Central American coffee will incur 0% tariff in 10 years, while bananas, vegetables and baby vegetables will be shielded from the entry into force of the agreement.

In the fifth round of negotiations which will be held in Seoul from August 8 to 12 it is expected that progress will be made on the definitions for the treatment of 9% of the universe of products that have not yet been analyzed.

Costa Rica Accuses El Salvador of Violating FTA

September 2013

The country has invoked the dispute settlement mechanism of the CAFTA-DR, over alleged violation by El Salvador of the tariff reduction program.

From a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica (COMEX):

The Ministry of Foreign Trade has requested the consultations mechanism against El Salvador, under the dispute settlement process of the Free Trade Agreement between Central America, the Dominican Republic and the United States of America (CAFTA), after a refusal, on the part of Salvadoran authorities to implement the tariff reduction program outlined in the aforementioned treaty on the import of products originating in Costa Rica.