Trade Agreement Between El Salvador and Ecuador Moves Forward

Trade authorities in both countries have announced that before the end of the first half of this year the trade agreement that has been under negotiation since 2013 could be signed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This is the third round of negotiations to finalize a Partial Scope and Economic Complementarity agreement between El Salvador and the Republic of Ecuador.

Among the products with the highest export interest from El Salvador are articles of clothing, plastics, candies, chocolates, juices and nectars, and sugar, among other things. Meanwhile, among Ecuador's interests are white goods, ceramics, cocoa preparations, wood, flowers, and bananas, among other things.

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From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador:

This meeting is expected to resolve the issues that are pending in the areas of market access, rules of origin and trade defense, after which the agreement would be very close to being finalised, said deputy minister Rodriguez. With the same objective, in this meeting they have started a legal review of the agreement, which includes the review of ten chapters that have already been completed.

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Ecuador - El Salvador Trade Agreement

July 2017

Flowers, white goods, ceramics, leather products and cocoa products are among the list of 207 Ecuadorian products that will enter El Salvador with tariff preferences.

The agreement creates tariff preferences for 207 subheadings, which represent 92% of exports to El Salvador.  They will enter without paying any fees. This translates into the growth of 20% of Ecuador's exports. 

El Salvador - Ecuador Trade Agreement Signed

February 2017

Candy, plastics, juices and nectars, medicines and paper bags are included in the list of 214 Salvadoran products that will enter Ecuador under special tariff conditions.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador:

El Salvador - Ecuador FTA Negotiations Finalised

September 2016

Flowers, cocoa, white goods, articles of clothing, footwear, plastic and nectars are among the goods included in the agreement.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy of El Salvador:

The governments of El Salvador and Ecuador concluded on Friday September 2 negotiations for a Partial Agreement of Economic Complementation between the two nations,  a document was signed for the initiation of legal proceedings for its subsequent entry into force.

Trinidad and Tobago - El Salvador Trade Deal

January 2014

This week Authorities from both countries will begin a second round of negotiations for a partial scope trade agreement.

This week El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago will hold a second round of negotiations for a Partial Scope Agreement. The main products exported by Salvadorans to this country are articles made of plastic, sugar, agricultural products, industrial products, clothing, iron, steel, plastic, paper and cardboard.