Tourist and Residential Project in Costa Rica

The horizontal residential, commercial and tourist condominium to be developed in Guanacaste, with different amenities and housing units.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

CentralAmericaData provides an updated list of public and private construction projects that have submitted Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) to the respective institutions in each country.

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"In Costa Rica, there are plans to develop a horizontal residential, commercial and tourist condominium of mixed use that seeks to develop on the land access roads, works for the passage over natural depressions, service and administration buildings, guardhouse, reception, specialty restaurant, bar, swimming pool, 24-hour restaurant, spa, event hall, hotel, branded condominiums, private residences, internal roads, pedestrian paths, viewpoint and access to the beach.

The construction of a 69,000 m2 resort hotel area, where it is estimated that 78 housing units will be located, a branded condominium area of approximately 21,000 m2, where 32 residential units are expected to be located, and a 51,000 m2 area, where 10 private residences will be located. In addition, there will be vehicular accesses of approximately 2,885 meters in length and internal roads with pedestrian walkways of approximately 785 meters in length. These works will extend over a total area of approximately 293,413 m2.

The project will include the necessary urban development works (access, sidewalks, green areas, lighting, electricity, telecommunications, potable water network and works for the extension of the hydraulic infrastructure to the property, as well as the expansion of the current water storage capacity corresponding to the matapalo rural aqueduct, irrigation network, rain and sanitary sewage, treatment plants, parking area, etc.) to supply all the basic services to the project; earthworks for land shaping are included.

Works for the passage over natural depressions: these works correspond to 10 culvert crossings and protection works with concrete inlet and outlet headers, and speed dampening structures will be built to prevent erosion. In this case, the crossing will be carried out in areas where there is less vegetation cover and the slope allows for its development.

Refer to the construction platform."

CentralAmericaData has information on construction projects planned in all Central American countries, with details such as estimated investment, project timing and phases, inputs and equipment that will be required during and after construction, water treatment, parking structure, among others.

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A multi-purpose project in Costa Rica, works on aqueducts in Panama, and a condominium in Guatemala are part of the projects planned for the next months in the region.

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Construction has started in Tola of a mixed tourist complex estimated at $20 million which includes 12 houses, a four-story tower with 18 apartments and a commercial area.

Travis and Lucas Boychuk, promoters of the tourism project that will be located in Gavilán beach, reported that for the tourism development called "Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort-Emerald Coast Popoyo", they will be building condominiums, apartments, restaurants, an events center, commercial premises, swimming pools, a spa, casino, gym and other amenities.

$129 million Touristic Development Projected

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Data from the interactive platform "Construction in Central America" compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData shows that the company Un Paseo Al Mar LLC LTDA , submitted an Environmental Impact Study (EIA) to the Setena in October to develop, in the district of Bahia Ballena, province of Puntarenas, a tourism project that will have a hotel, housing and apartment towers.

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