Tocumen SA Backs Aeronautical Workshop in Colon

In 40 thousand square meters of the Enrique Jimenez airport, a repair station for commercial wide-body aircraft will be set up, with an investment of $35 million.

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Board of Directors of Tocumen SA has endorsed the proposal originally presented in July by an enterprise founded on foreign capital, now associated and represented by local investors, to develop a maintenance workshop at the airport in Colon to provide aircraft servicing.

According, the board of Tocumen explained that "... 'After signing the contract, the company will have one year to start construction and two years to complete the work. That means that the workshop could start operations in the third quarter of 2018 ".

".. The proponent company, unidentified until the contract is signed, proposes developing a workshop on 40 thousand square meters in the field of the terminal in Colon, about 80 kilometers north of Panama and the neighboring capital of the Free Zone of Colon, the main free trade zone on the hemisphere. The workshop will provide a first step in maintenance, repair and overhaul of Boeing 737, 727, 757 and Airbus narrow-body aircraft.

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Panama: More Space for Aircraft Maintenance

January 2017

Copa Airlines has announced that from 2018 it will transfer the servicing of its aircraft to the new 10 thousand square meter construction hangar is to be constructed in Tocumen.

The construction process, which requires an investment of $15 million, started a few days ago and will be completed in 2018. The airline plans to transfer all aircraft maintenance operation from the second half of 2018. 

Colon: An Airport Without Planes

June 2016

Despite the announcement of projects such as the construction of a workshop for aircraft maintenance and a hotel, the Panamanian airport Enrique Jimenez is still underused and has attracted no attention from airlines.

The airport built during the Martinelli administration was initially designed for cargo and tourism, but lack of demand has meant the terminal has turned out to be an unprofitable investment.

Panama: Aeronautical Workshop at Colon Airport

July 2015

A proposal has been made to build a maintenance workshop for commercial aircraft in an area of ​​8 hectares in the Enrique Jimenez airport, with an investment of $35 million.

The project was proposed to Tocumen SA by a foreign company, and the proposal has already been presented to the Board of Directors of Tocumen, and "the proponent is expected to close the financing stage in order to make progress 'as soon as possible'".

Panama: Business Sought for Colon Airport

May 2015

The air terminal built during the Martinelli administration does not receive any commercial flights and Tocumen SA is looking for alternative uses for it in order to make it profitable.

The airport, which required an investment of $58 million, does not operate commercial flights, therefore Tocumen SA is analyzing different alternatives to find another use for the terminal so that it can start generating profits.