Tigo Invested $210 Million in El Salvador

In the last 10 months, the telecommunications company has invested in improving its technological platform for Internet access.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For Tigo, subsidiary of Millicom, its biggest bet has been its fusion with Amnet, announced in May 2009. Globally, the company has invested $510 million, out of which $210 million were in El Salvador.

In Internet access, "Tigo foresees a considerable increase, surpassing what happened in the last years", published Elsalvador.com. "With these projections, Tigo expects growth of 20% in subscriptions. For 2010, year when the economy is expected to turn around, growth will be even bigger, said Tigo's Marketing Director, Danny Sala".

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Salvadoran Telecoms in All-Out Commercial War

September 2010

Tigo, Claro, Movistar and Digicel have trimmed some of their prices up to 50%, looking for a larger slice of the telecommunications market.

They have implemented various promotions, ranging from lower international, land and mobile phone calls, internet access and cable television to cell phones that can be acquired from as low as $7.

Telecomm in El Salvador: $1.9 Billion in 2010

May 2010

A study by Signals Telecom Consulting estimated that in 2015 Salvadoran telecommunications companies will sell more than $1.870 million.

“This is because companies have already started to create ‘combos’ with their services (landline, mobile, cable and Internet), in order to increase their revenues and retain more customers”, reported Laprensagrafica.com.

Tigo aims to grow in El Salvador

July 2008

The passion for sport is a strategy that Tigo will use to gain a bigger share of the mobile phone market in Central America and El Salvador.

Tigo has launched a nationwide campaign aimed at sports fans in El Salvador that it calls Fanatigo, and so far it has resulted in double-digit growth.

Swedish firm buys AMNET for $510 million

July 2008

The Swedish firm Millicom has purchased the telecommunications company AMNET for 510 million dollars, and will acquire its 350,000 cable clients in Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

AMNET offers services of cable television, telephone and internet as a multimedia "Triple Play" package.