Tical Invests in Costa Rican Distribution Centers

With an investment of $11.5 million, the new distribution center would be ready in El Coyol, Alajuela, in August.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The new center will employ 50 people and according to Rolando Lamb, general manager of the group, it will have 10 thousand square meters for the bonded warehouse and an equal area for the entry and exit of trucks.

Ana Cristina Camacho wrote for the El Financiero website: "There will be warehouses in el Coyol, as well as the technological connectivity facilities. They will have 36 doors for reception and dispatch, high security systems and 24 thousand storage-structures or rack positions.

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$67 million for Distribution Center

August 2011

The multinational Walmart has announced the construction of a new distribution center in El Coyol Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Construction of the new 50,000 square meter distribution center, will begin next year and will start operations in March 2013.

|Also under construction is a new Walmart in radial Alajuela. “Construction began recently and is expected to be finished before the year's end.

'Gollo' Invests $10 Million in Costa Rica

November 2009

The home appliances company will inaugurate a distribution center in El Coyol, Alajuela, in March 2010.

This center will ship goods and products to the chain's 102 stores in the country.

Daniel Coto, commercial manager, told Nacion.com: "We seek more efficient logistics and cost savings".

Tical Inaugurates Distribution Center in Costa Rica

October 2009

Grupo Tical Holding will open a $15 million logistics center on November 3.

It spans over 50.000 square meters, and includes a bonded warehouse, storehouses and distribution facilities.

"Rolando Cordero, CEO of the group, explained their 4-step investment plan: this $15 million center is the first phase, and additional similar projects will be done in the next three years, in which we will invest $35 million", reported Elfinancierocr.com.

Chinese may set up distribution center in Costa Rica

July 2008

A group of Chinese investors is interested in setting up a distribution center in Costa Rica for Chinese products being exported throughout the region.

The idea is to store everything imported from China or Sweden, where there is another distribution center, with the goal of forging new markets.