Three Offers in $11 million Building Tender

Between $10.6 million and $12.9 million is the range of proposals presented in the tender to restore the National Theater of Panama.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Construcciones Civiles Generales S.A. presented an economic offer of $12,978,969, Constructora Pirenáica S.A. put forward a proposal of $10,620,000, and Administradora de Proyectos de Construcción S.A. offered $11,700,450.

The project consists of the integral restoration of the National Theater of Panama, including the supply of labor, materials, tools, machinery, equipment, transportation, supplies and everything necessary to carry out the work.  See details of the tender.

Also taking part in the tender was Consorcio Renovación Cultural de Panamá, but its proposal was not accepted for consideration as it failed to comply with the specifications.

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Three Bids on Road Works for $37 million

July 2017

Three consortia of construction companies presented their proposals in the tender to renovate 28 kilometers of a stretch of road in the province of Chiriquí, Panama.

The participating companies were: Consorcio Monte Lirio (Pentech, S.A. and Río Piedra Candela, S.A.); Consorcio San Andrés (Centralmix, S.A.

Five bids to Build Water Treatment Plant

October 2016

Between $236 million and $243 million is the range of proposals submitted by five consortia in the tender to design, build and operate a water treatment plant in Gamboa, Panama.

Five consortiums have submitted bids in the tender for the Study, Design and Construction of a Water Treatment Plant in Gamboa.

Five Bids to Renovate Streets in Panama City

September 2016

Between $26.4 million and $27.8 million is the range of five proposals submitted by five consortiums for the urban renewal project Calle Uruguay, Bella Vista.

Taking part in the tender were Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos, S.A. with a proposal of $27.8 million. The Companies Constructora Meco, S.A.; MCM Global consortium, made up Munilla Construction Management LLC / MCM Global, S.A., Conalvías Construcciones, and Asociación Accidental C&C Construye. The four companies submitted economic bids of $26.4 million.

Panama: Offers for $15 million School Construction

April 2015

Six construction companies submitted bids in the tender for the construction of a school in the Pacora district of Panama, with a price tag of $15.7 million.

The companies that submitted bids are Consultores Profesionales e Ingeniería, Constructora Urbana, S.A., Proyectos y Construcciones Canaima, Constructora Ripard, Administración y Supervisión de Obras Civiles, S.A.