The potential of Honduran Agriculture

Technical assistance, research, financing, agricultural health and safety are the keys to competitiveness.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Representatives from various Honduran agricultural sectors discussed the importance of agriculture and how to achieve its full potential. The findings were compiled in an article in La Tribuna of Honduras.

Businessmen and officials agreed that agricultural production is the key to the country's development, stating that "the economic platform of the developed nations was based on agriculture," and they stressed that the country has a high potential for forestation, which can be more profitable than crops: "A hectare of mahogany can produce over $400 thousand, but only after 25 years."

The article highlighted the case of the Honduran Aquafinca company which has gained considerable revenues from research and is the world's largest exporter of tilapia to the United States: "They have successfully developed unique techniques from the experience of tilapia farming in Yojoa Lake.”

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Honduras and Ecuador Compete in Tilapia Exports

August 2012

Both countries are vying to be the number 1 exportor of fresh tilapia fillets to the U.S. market.

In 2011 Honduras ranked as the largest exporter of tilapia to the U.S., but, for the first half of this year, first place goes to Ecuador.

Orlando Delgado, general manager Aquafinca, told,

Honduras to Export $75 million in Tilapia

June 2009

The country, one of the world leaders in fresh tilapia production, foresees a 10% increase in its exports for 2009.

The secretary of agriculture and livestock farming, Hector Hernández, indicated that in fresh tilapia, Honduras is in first place, followed by Ecuador and Costa Rica.

$10 Million for Small- and Medium-Sized Honduran Businesses

February 2009

The project “Pymerural” will give support to seven thousand small- and medium-sized businesses (PYMES, initials in Spanish) from rural areas.

La Tribuna, on its website, publishes: "The project is supported with funds contributed by the government of Switzerland and will cover ten departments throughout the country, with different areas of aggregate value and with agricultural and non-agricultural products from the rural areas of Honduras."

Honduran agricultural exports increase by 18%

August 2008

Last year there were $540 million in agricultural exports to the US and total bilateral trade in agricultural products is now adding up to almost $800 million.

Compared to the 2006-2007 period, the country had an increase in agricultural products of 17%, and for this year the expected growth is 20%.