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Panama is the regional center with the fastest growing activity in headhunting, with the search on for CEOs, presidents and senior professionals.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The arrival of recruitment agency Amrop in the Panamanian market has increased competition in an already competitive area of human resources search and selection.

The company Amrop Panama, which has a presence in 55 countries and 89 cities defines its "niche within the market in high management positions and independent members of boards for corporations, national companies and prestigious families, raising the level and profile of candidates in a highly specialized process", published

"’In Panama, with the growth that has been reported in recent years and new laws providing incentives for multinationals at senior level, there is a professional need to search using deeper processes for the best talent available for these positions’, says Felipe Fabrega, partner and general manager of Amrop Panama.

Amrop, starts with a base of 40 to 50 candidates, then filters them in order to find the best person for the job. "

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The difficulties faced by companies in hiring high-profile executives are driving growth in the recruitment market in the country.

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