The Talent in Demand in Nicaragua's Economy

Nicaraguan companies are having difficulty finding employees who are 24 years old or younger with the required socio-emotional and academic skills.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From the executive summary of a document entitled "Skills required by companies in Nicaragua" prepared by Funides:

Studies have been done at the international level that have found no relationship between years of education and economic growth, which has led to the discussion turning from schooling to the quality of education as a key element for economic growth.

 Given the importance of education for the productivity of the economy, as part of the Nicaraguan Foundation for Economic and Social Development´s (FUNIDES) research agenda a complementary study has been developed focussing on the skills that companies demand of young people. 

In Nicaragua, young people have a high rate of unemployment, while at the same time companies indicate that the main problem faced in recruiting young people aged 24 or less, is that applicants lack the required skills. 

Read full report (in spanish).

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The private sector claims that it is not enough to invest $10 million in the construction of a technical school if the academic programs are not developed considering the staffing needs of the productive sectors.

The problem of a shortage of technically skilled labor in Panamanian companies will not be resolved if educational programs do not take as a starting point the demands of the productive sector.

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Companies need to invest time and money in order to cover the serious limitations of graduates from the public school system, which is an obstacle to development.

In Panama the educational problem has already been diagnosed. reports that the country has at least 14 diagnostic and prognostic documents on education, but "none have managed to be implemented completely to produce students with an optimal or acceptable level of knowledge which allows them to have the skills demanded from the labor market. "

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