The Self Storage Business

Although investments in this sector in recent years have exceeded $50 million in Panama, there is still unmet demand for storage solutions which are more or less temporary.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Almacenajes Mini-Depósitos, MegaStorage and Galores are some of the companies that provide storage services in Panama, offering solutions ranging from small boxes that are rented for $9.99 a month, to entire floors measuring 100 square meters.

Warehouses may be heated, which improves the preservation of stored goods, and some companies offer, alongside storage services, exhibition halls, conference rooms and meeting rooms, which can be used as sales offices by the storage space renters.

An article in Abdiel Garcia, manager of Almacenajes Mini-Depósitos, says that "customers who use our services range from those who rent in a personal capacity to safeguard all the valuable things they want to preserve or protect while they wait to move into a new home, to those who want maximize the space in their present home and on the other side we have companies that use our services to store their goods and furniture. The minimum rental period is one month, but we have some clients who have been using the service for over 15 years."

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Diversification in the Warehouse Market

April 2018

Guatemalan businessmen say that the boom in vertical housing is changing the demand for storage services in mini warehouses, which are increasingly sought out by families.

Regarding new trends, the CEO of Mr. Bodeguitas, Federico Rolz, explained to that " ... The Generation 3 project, located in Las Charcas, zone 11 of the city, is characterized by having buildings with independent alarms, corridors designed for residential users which becomes an extension of the office and the house."

Warehousing Boom in Panama

June 2013

In the last four years $80 million has been invested in the installation or expansion of Micro-storage centers, together with recent growth in demand. reports that "migration of pensioners, both in North America and Europe, and the arrival of more investors to Panama and the small sized apartments and offices, have created the need to build warehouses or Micro-storage centers for goods that are not in use or that people want to keep. "

Panama: $17 Million Investment in "Mini" Storage

August 2009

Brazilian-based Grupo Galores inaugurated in Juan Díaz a warehouse for personal or "mini" storage.

After a $17 million investment, Grupo Galores inaugurated its first of four planned personal storage warehouses. The 4-warehouse project will be completed by the end of 2010, reaching 6.000 units of personal storage.

Galores Logistics to Invest $30 Million in Panama

March 2009

The Brazilian company Galores Logistics will build five distribution centers in Panama, with an investment of $30 million.

The general director of Galores Logistics, Rafael Rocha, told that "the refrigeration technology that will be introduced to the market will allow the company to provide a complete service with storage warehouses, refrigerated trucks, product packing and shipping," and that the company "will focus its attention on non-traditional fruit and vegetables, livestock, poultry and seafood product exports, among others."