The Sausage Market in Costa Rica

At least ten companies are competing in a market where the amount of tons sold between 2008 and 2013 grew by 24%.

Monday, March 10, 2014

In Costa Rica, the market for sausages is fought over by at least 10 companies, where Corporación Pipasa, a subsidiary of Cargill International, is the largest participant. Whereas in 2008 20.2 tonnes of sausages sold in, 2013, 25 tons were sold in the country. reports that "these sales translate into $197 million sold in 2013, 72% more than in 2008. Low cost and variety are the reasons why the consumption of cured meats such as salami and bologna have increased."

"Even if a part is imported, mainly from the U.S., local consumption is mainly produced here and a small part is exported to Central America. In 2013, imports totaled $6.2 million, while exports were $15.7 million," according to the Foreign Trade office.

Jorge Calderon, regional manager of corporate affairs at Pipasa Corporation, told that "the Costa Rican market is a connoisseur of sausages and consumes many categories of these products and therefore it is demanding."

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Central American Sausage Trade Up 6%

July 2017

In 2016, the countries in the region sold 29 thousand tons of sausages, registering a 6% increase over 2015.

Figures from the information system on the  Central American Market for Milk and Dairy Products, compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at CentralAmericaData: [GRAFICA caption = "Click to interact with the graph"]

Investment in Poultry Sector in Costa Rica

July 2014

Increased competition and rising production costs are causing firms in the sector to revive their production processes with new plants, equipment and electrical systems.

The three companies which dominate 92% of the market for chicken meat and its derivatives are making significant investments to modernize their production processes in an increasingly competitive world where consumption has maintained a steady upward trend.

Rise of Dairy Market in Costa Rica

May 2014

While the average milk consumption per person in Central America is less than 100 kilos per year, Costa Ricans consume twice that amount in the time span.

According to the Foreign Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER) from 2009 to 2013, imports of dairy products grew by 80%. The top dairy products entering the market are cheeses, due to product diversification, the positive attitude of local consumers to new flavors and the high resistance of the product during transportation and distribution.

Turmoil in Costa Rica’s Poultry Sector

December 2012

Pollo Rey invested $20 million in moving its processing plants while Cargill is spending $25 million in a new distribution center.

The poultry division of Corporación Multiinversiones (Dipcmi), maker of Pollo Rey, moved its processing plant from San Carlos to its central headquarters in Coyol de Alajuela.