The Road to Extraordinary Success

Guidelines to be successful are though in any MBA school, but it is not following them what leads to memorable success.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And it seems that passion is the main ingredient to know which rules to break and when to do it.

Passion is a common factor in many great achievements –but also in monumental failures. By analyzing the lives and projects of two giants in their industries, James Cameron in cinema and Steve Jobs in computers, lays out three very special traits shared by these individuals, crucial in making their passion lead to success instead of failure.

¿Busca soluciones de inteligencia comercial para su empresa?

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To Have a Long Life: Innovate, Innovate, Innovate

January 2012

The speed of technological change threatens to dramatically shorten the lifespan of companies who do not make innovation the bread and butter of their existence.

If your company has a tendency to rest in bureaucracy, or to react only when the market demands, it will likely have a shorter life span, and the cause of its death will surely be the so called creative destruction.

Learning From Football Managers

June 2010

Modern business managers can learn from their football counterparts, especially when dealing with motivation and teamwork.

Keeping employees motivated and committed is crucial in today’s economy, and football teaches the importance of motivating individuals to achieve the highest team performance.

Manager or Leader?

March 2010

The difference between one managerial style and the other is small and subtle, but may explain either success or failure in the company.

An article in Bnet remarks that when a manager uses a strong style, in which he is no pushover, there is the risk of playing someone else’s games, instead of its own.

Remarkable Innovation Workshop

September 2009

Coaching in action. Exceptional example of the teacher/pupil relationship, with the greatest expositor of all time.

If creativity is down in your company. If the search for new ideas has been abandoned. If you hear too much the phrase "impossible" versus the phrase "yes we can".