The Potential of Nicaragua's Industrial Sector

The union has projected growth of 4.4% in 2017 and is counting on attract more foreign investors to partner up with local entrepreneurs to promote the development of industrial activity.

Friday, September 23, 2016

More foreign investment, better use of chains that already exist, such as in the food industry, and reducing the cost of energy are elements that will enhance the development of the Nicaraguan industrial sector, which expects to close 2016 with growth of 3.8%.

Juan Carlos Amador, executive director of the Chamber of Industries of Nicaragua (Cadin), said "... Nicaragua's industrial sector has been very dynamic in recent years. This is true, because even though the industry grew by 5% in 2014,  it went down 1% in 2015, due to several external factors. 'This is due to the international crisis due to the end of the TPL (a tariff benefit enjoyed by the country for ten years). Let us remember that the industry is a sector which is highly sensitive to international crises'." reports that   "... according to Amador, one of the most important aspects in the industrial sector is its potential."The industry has very significant potential that is not yet being realised. We have very important chains such as meat, have the food industry, which is one that has the greatest potential for exports to the Central American region.'"

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An Industrial Policy for Nicaragua

October 2016

A strategy focused on increasing competitiveness by reducing production costs and facilitating the creation of added value is what industrial enterprises have asked for.

Improving training in the use of new tools and technology and giving more value to final production are two of the main challenges faced by companies in the industrial sector. The union that brings them together is aware that the potential of the country in this sector can not be maximized if aspects affecting global competitiveness are not improved.

Nicaragua: Industry Up 7% in 2012

January 2013

The agribusiness sector drove growth in production, with sugar, dairy and rice as the leaders.

According to an article in, "The performance of the industrial sector at the end of the year is very positive. Six percent growth has been achieved due to the dynamic combination of various activities that make up the industry."

Nicaragua Seeking More Investment from Taiwan

April 2012

An official mission will visit Taiwan looking to boost the country's investments in Nicaragua and strengthen bilateral relations.

Nicaraguan officials will hold meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, officials from the Ministry of Economy and Affairs Council of the Republic of China (Taiwan) among others.

Nicaragua: Businessmen Press for FTA with Venezuela

July 2011

Satisfied with the current export trend to Venezuela, Nicaraguan business associations want to safeguard them using a formal trade agreement.

Employers believe a treaty for trade relations, which represented $248 million to Nicaragua in 2010, is necessary for stability and independence from political aspects.