The entrepreneur's song

The feeling of owning your company can not be understood "until you finally experience it: an exquisite satisfaction, seasoned with spicy uncertainty, dressed in the joy of vertigo."

Monday, November 17, 2014

A young businesswoman puts on paper her journey of running her own company, with the conviction of one who knows she has found her way in life.

'...I start the day unexpectedly with a tingling in my hands or an unanswered question. The fact is that it gets in your way and trips you up. Its uncomfortable. Its difficult to describe this confusion: all of a sudden you no longer want to do what you do. "

'... No one understands this feeling until they eventually experience it: an exquisite satisfaction, seasoned with the spice of uncertainty, dressed in the joy of vertigo. The first step is hard, but once you take it, that question, which had been bothering you persistently all areas of your life, eventually takes shape: how could I have lived for so many years without doing what I love "?

'... On a day to day basis it is incredibly difficult to deal with all the implications of this decision, because no one is born knowing everything. My six year career did not prepare me to be an entrepreneur or to understand that a company is not sustained by the love you have for it. Love is what gets you up in the morning on a rainy day, but the other side, the numbers, marketing, government paperwork, you learn the hard way, by being stubborn and having a lot of patience with a system that squeezes your neck whenever it can. "

'... I cried on a lot mornings thinking about how much I dont have enough to raise the salaries of my coworkers. At the end of the month sometimes I have a panic attack. I dont have time to go running in the mornings and I do not know where my passport is. "

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