The Integration of Central America

Paralyzed in political terms, the integration of Central American countries continues to advance in commercial terms.

Monday, November 21, 2011

While trade between the Central American countries continues to grow, as well as regional synergy between its companies, governments have been unable in recent years to marry the process of trade integration with the necessary institutional integration.

In relation to commerce, in the first six months of 2011 sales between countries in the region increased by 21.8%.

In the governmental side, there is political weakness in the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat (SIEC), a Secretary General whose nomination is protested, and a border dispute between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, which is preventing normal relations between their respective governments.

In his column in, Gustavo Arias Retana analyzes the situation: "The problems facing the Central American Integration System (SICA), the economic crisis and conflicts between Central American countries has meant that the Central American integration process has made little progress in the last six years, according to The State of the Region 2011. A truth reflected in the meetings between American presidents which declined from 15 in 2005 to three in 2010. "

Arias Retana highlights the view taken by Luis Guillermo Solis, "Integration increases the stability of nations politically and economically, a fact that should matter more to the country's leaders."

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1. Introduction: Central American Integration

From the start of their independent lives, Central American countries have sought to travel together on the road of development, remaining conscious of their common origin, objectives and destination.